Another month comes to a close…

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May is coming to a close which means that the new month will soon bring a new set of magazines for the world to see. I haven’t really been keeping up-to-date on my magazines like I used to but I got word today that a member of AS1 and loyal Chronicles-sticker-haver-oner (what?) is featured in the upcoming issue of Super Street magazine. I didn’t even know that the car was shot for a mag but it’s definitely cool to see such an understated Honda getting some spotlight. It’s a really clean build and I’m a sucker for a mint set of CPRs so I’ll definitely go out to take a look when it hits the newstands. Congrats to Bryan Leon aka Ricky Ross the boss and his 1993 Acura Integra for making the leap onto print. Welcome to the club homie….Now you get the pleasure of someone walking up to you at a meet and telling you that your car looks alot like the one that was in a magazine. Then they’ll proceed to tell you how you bit off that guy and how that guy’s car is cleaner. Trust me, it’s happens…more than once too…

I also got word today that the Skunk2 garage sale and car show is this Saturday. The car show is limited to 40 cars and will include cash prizes to the winners. I know this because I read the flyer…which is here:

If you didn’t hear about this meet before you read about it here, and you win, I will gladly take credit for telling you about it. I accept partial cash prizes as well. The weather seems to be cooling down lately so it’s a good time to go out and enjoy it. Car shows are always fun and they got a bunch of Skunk2 stuff available at crackhead prices… Crack is good and so is head, I’m outta here!

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  1. It’s a real deal Honda Integra 😀

  2. Congrats on the feature.

    Where there any horrible ideas in may?

    I’ll be at california adventure sat with my son so I can’t make it. Oh well next time.

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