Last of the Eibach stuff…

I always enjoy when people document their roadtrips to any particular automotive event. The original plan for Chris, from, was to document his trip down from Norcal for Eibach 2009. Unfortunately he ended up only riding with one person (Chronicles reader, Integraslut) and Chris slept the whole way and didn’t take pics of shit. I don’t blame the guy though, when it’s like 5am in the middle of nowhere, there usually isn’t much to document. He could have taken pics of the drive but it would just be like those Myspace pics with two people in the front seats of a car. Not every eventful at all….

So I decided to hand the ball off to the PG+K guys today and let them tell you all about their trip. If you guys aren’t familiar with PG+K, they’re probably one of the better crews out east and their cars are definitely some of the best out right now. I normally don’t just link you guys to some other stuff unless it’s perverse or incredibly entertaining so you know this is gonna be a good read. Plus for the ones that don’t like to read, there are alot of pics too…so enjoy, sit back, and let Premium Garage Krew tell you all about it…

And to actually give their site some traffic for a change….haha! For real though….shout-out to some cool cats out there….and you’re welcome for the traffic…haha…

Premium Garage Krew Blog

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  1. sweet! those pics even make the trip look long.

    lol at the octane booster stuffss. good thing ben didnt use NOS booster

  2. Yo thanks for the shoutouts from PG+K son and the traffic lol..our blog has been a little slow. Sucks I didnt get to meet you at Eibach, but theres always next year.

  3. My tape held on the best!!

  4. Hey thanks alot pimp! I didnt get to make it (got layed off that week ) but ill sure as hell be at IA and most of the rest of the season.

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