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So I didn’t have much going on over the weekend other than a friend’s wedding that I managed to show up late for. When I say “late”, I mean like late to the point where like people weren’t even at the chapel anymore. It’s not like one of those cases where I show up mid-ceremoney or anything. I literally arrived at the church at noon and saw no cars there and this is how the conversation went…

Me – “Uhh…dude which church was it again?”

My friend Joaquin – “Dude, really? We’re at the reception already, the ceremony was at 10am.”

Me – “Hmmm…who gets married at 10 in the morning?”

Needless to say, I totally missed the wedding ceremony for a close friend of mine. I actually woke up like at 9:30am and the wedding was in SD so I wouldn’t have made it even if I knew what time it was actually at. Some friend right? I showed up to the reception, ate, and talked to some other friends before the bride and groom even knew I was there…haha. Shit, sorry. I promise if you invite me to your wedding and you tell me what time it’s at, I’ll try my best to show up on time.

After the reception there was an after party that was supposed to happen later on that night but I hadn’t had the chance to visit my parents in awhile so I went to their place. I hung out there for a couple hours before I headed home to L.A. Mikeyyyy mentioned that he wanted to hang out or something but then he became incredibly emo after Lebron and the Cavs lost and didn’t even bother to answer the phone. I was just sitting around at home until Brian from AS1 hit me up. I had nothing else going on that night and Brian wanted to buy me a burrito so I decided to meet up with him and his girl Nancee to shoot some pics of their cars. I figured I could brush up on my photog skills because I don’t really have any and what better time than to shoot some cars in poor lighting really late at night? I met up with them in Pasadena before heading out to a parking structure out in Glendale.

I was messing around with the camera while I was waiting to meet up with them and forgot to switch the settings back when I actually shot the cars. So the pics came out kinda shitty and a bit grainy but oh well. For the price of a burrito what do you expect? Haha…I’m also SD raised and pretty close to the mexican border so I’ve had some good mexican food in my time and Leo’s Tacos cart in Glendale….Ehhh…nothing to rave about.  But thanks for feeding me Brian and Nancee. I also got to ride in Brian’s RSX too and that thing is pretty quick….I was more impressed by the Jackson S/C than the burrito, haha….

On with the pics shall we?….

We showed up and of course there was a security guard (pictured in the distance) that kinda gave us some shit about being there. It was a giant lot and no one was even there but he insisted that we go to the area where there were cars around. I don’t know what logic was used in that decision but whatever…

I don’t know why but everytime Brian was in the vicinity of the camera, he repeatedly pointed at his shirt. Said something about a “blvd” or something. It came out blurry when I finally got a better shot of it so I did my editing magic and cleaned up the image…

..and what do you say? It’s a Hot Stuff International shirt. Thanks for supporting us Brian.

For those unfamiliar, this is Brian from AS1’s supercharged DC5. Pretty much Mugen everything on the outside, down to the polished Mugen MF10s…

…and this is AS1 Nancee’s S2000 on 17×8/9 Regamaster EVOs…

The rest are kinda just random shots I was messing around with…

Oh yeah HBK Gabe was there too…

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  1. I really like that DC5 and its Sc’ed which makes it an even bigger charm for me.

    I like the S2K, but the center hub kinda ruined the close up picture of the Regamaster EVOs

    Pics def. worth more then just a burrito

  2. both cars look awesome! nice shots


  4. Yeah being from SD we’re spoiled when it comes to Mexican food. The best hole in the walls are in SD and you know it get’s more authentic as you get closer to the border. Hell we can see the border from ur place. LOL!

  5. shit ill buy you food if you show me real mex, im still on the carne asada fries hype we dont get those up in norcal

  6. Nice pictures, and yeah it sounds like Mikey to not answer out of no where HAHA

  7. i like the other shirt better joey. lmao.

    i like getting up and having to something to read on your blog. good stuff.

    p.s dude blvd >>>> HSI

  8. WARM STUFF INTERNATIONAL, being on the blvd is over rated,

  9. nuff said


  10. nice pictures….

  11. both cars look good, i still want a dc5

  12. “I’m also SD raised and pretty close to the mexican border so I’ve had some good mexican food in my time and Leo’s Tacos cart in Glendale….Ehhh…nothing to rave about.”

    Please don’t say Lolita’s is better 😛

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