Like clockwork…

I guess it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that’s been following the Redline Time Attack series but Loi Song and Sportcar Motion have done it again. Piloted by Tim Kuo, the Sportcar Motion Civic ran a best time of 1:29.693, making it the Modified FWD champion. The new set-up with a Kraftwerks S/C proved to be deadly and the car that placed 2nd in the class ran almost 7 seconds slower. No other vehicle in the entire Modified class, FWD, RWD, or AWD, ran a better time other than the Harman Motive Impreza….

I actually had dinner with Loi and Morgan a couple nights before the event and was told that Tim Kuo hadn’t even driven the hatch with the new S/C set-up prior to a day before. Imagine the type of numbers it would get once Tim gets futher seat-time…

On another note, running the S/C set-up for the first time caused some heating issues as the half-sized radiator couldn’t handle the work load. Even though they could have just shut it down and decided to not run anymore, they decided to persevere and took some drastic measures to solve the issue. The result of those measures are evident in the pictures….

Taking a chunk out of the front bumper definitely made the difference and allowed for two more runs that ultimately helped Sportcar Motion win the Modified FWD class. Whatever works right? Knowing Loi, he’s probably got a couple extra bumpers laying around the shop anyway…

Big Congrats to the Sportcar Motion crew for doing big things and keeping Hondas relevant in the racing world. 1:29 and counting…More from Song and the crew as the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge approaches…

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  1. Congrats to Sportcar Motion on slamming the competition and showin that Honda’s a not slow. Now this should be some inspiration for other EG enthusiasts to see the potential their EG or any civic properly setup can do.

    That front bumper is epic. Now that’s how you direct some air!

  2. How can this car be in the Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge? According to the rules the cars must have full interior, cats and airbags. This is a stripped down race car.

  3. Wasn’t the 1:55 on a different track?

  4. Nice, that hole in the bumper probably slowed them down just a tad. Hopefully they get the cooling issues worked out in the future.

  5. Dude 26.116 seconds difference from a supercharger sounds too good to be true. I wonder if it is a different track cause even improving by 3-5 seconds when road racing is a major accomplishment.

  6. Sportcar Motion laying down the ass whooping and showing what Hondas are all about!!

  7. Congrats to Loi and all the guys at that contributed to this win!!! Keep it up buddy…….

  8. all about the hoon duh =) that square cut out looks quite interesting

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