SpoCom Coverage Coming Soon…

Well the SpoCom show has come and gone and I’ll have coverage as soon as I find the time to edit and get all of them up. I’m loaded up with work right now and trying to finish up features for a couple mags. I’ll get the pics up as soon as I can and congrats to all the winners even though some of them were head scratchers….HeyMikeyyyy 3rd Place “Best JDM”? WTFLOLBBQ???!!

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  1. 3rd place huh, i wanna know who won first place

  2. LoL congrats on Mikey but….Mikey’s car isn’t very “JDM” but way sicker in its own way!

  3. I think Mikeyyyy’s car is about 95% usdm lol. He was as intrigued as we were. On another note, the lunch conversation @ Islands was “interesting” huh Joey. =P

  4. Doesn’t heymikeyyyy have visions seats? Congrats anyways.

  5. Mikey looks shocked in the pic too lol niceee

  6. really can we stop posting pics of mikeyyyy on the internet jesus!!!

  7. I think the award got to heymikeyyyy head referring to himself in the third person.

  8. hahah 3rd place JDM SON! did he even claim his prize money?

    • He was too busy sitting in his car that he didn’t even claim the trophy haha. Sid had to go get that shit for him and Sid wasn’t even sure if he really won or not. He thought we were messing with him and trying to get him to go on stage….

  9. lol good times hahhaa i dont know who the money is going too i didnt even register LOL someone else did it for me :/

  10. damn yall doin it big over in cali. i wish the east coast was a little bit more like the west.

  11. I’m kind of glad that it’s not as much a show circuit, but it’s almost not as busy since everyone is so busy competing

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