Back for the first time…

Told you I’d be back with another update today. Hope you guys don’t miss this one after the Big Mike stuff is posted later on tonight for tomorrows update. Anyways, we were all standing around waiting for HBK Jame’s shoot to finish up elsewhere so I decided to just take some random shots of Jon’s hatch. Guess they came out decent considering no flash and it was starting to get dark and what not….

Most awkward reaction to getting a feature ever! Look at his face, haha…you got got son!…

The pics without the “Chronicles” watermark are actually bigger pics, just click for the bigger versions…

Overly saturated version…

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  1. This hatch is so unique I love every bit of it……….

  2. yep, it’s everything i wish we could see here in jersey…great job!!

  3. thanks for capturing that priceless face of mine. photos look dope.. thank you

  4. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats Jon, wished I went, but damn I heard it was real late…late. I had to wake up at 3am. Can’t wait to hit the stands.

  5. HAHA Jon’s face is classic! super brave for driving down there, the road right by there is horrid

  6. haha fuckin jon. shit looks nice. sorry couldnt make it either. i thought it was gonna be earlier.

  7. Damn car reminds me of the lakers! Minus the gold.

  8. haha dude kinda looks like Allen Iverson

  9. Hey im from holland, and i just love the car..
    Ive saw your car on several pages on the net, but my question was..
    If u could send me the colour code of that…Just love it


  10. Wait … so who was shootin’ HBK James’ car?

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