Business as usual…

Damn, pretty busy this past weekend. Hung out with the Phaze2 fam for July 4th and watched alot of illegal fireworks. Then on Sunday evening I headed out to go check out HBK Jon’s shoot for Import Tuner. They were also busy finishing up HBK James’ shoot for his white hatch and it took longer than expected and went on into the late evening. We waited at our meet-up spot for a quite awhile and I ended up just taking some pics randomly for fun. Jon’s shoot was at a different spot and it was dark as fuck by the time they started. First time to a mag shoot that started after 9pm…needless to say, it was the sketchiest shit EVER. Haha….good thing there were alot of people there or I woulda been worried about the guys. From what Luke Munnell showed us, it came out really nice. Make sure to pick that up whenever it hits the stands…

I’ve got so much of Big Mike’s stuff that I still have to edit and I just haven’t been able to get to all of it with it being a holiday and staying out late for the shoot and all. I’ll be back later today with pics and what not for you to look at. For now, here’s a random wallpaper I made of HBK Jon’s Civic when we were just shooting the shit and hanging out…Guy’s car is so low that he actually like scraped on a completely flat surface is that makes any sense. Thanks to the security for being assholes and harassing us, and the mexican dude that works at American Apparel for continuning to speak spanish to me after I told him that I don’t understand what he’s saying… I’ll be back later…time for some shut eye….

Back in a few…

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  1. As always.. good stuff man. I hate that shit… just cuz you’re brown and I’m brown, doesn’t mean we HAVE to talk in spanish damnit! This is America!
    If I tell you that I don’t understand what you’re saying or I don’t feel like using my Bilingual Pay away from the office, then talk English!… i hate bastards like that haha!

  2. His car looks great as always, but I can’t help but hate on it because I’m from Orlando. I still believe in Magic. Even if Howard misses free throws.

  3. it looked like u were lost when we were on the way home from the shoot lol

  4. Nice EG! Super low is right! No surprise that he scrapes on flat surfaces.

    LMAO! Mexican kept talkin. They don’t ever listen on the east coast or west coast. ROFL!

  5. Keep up the GREAT work.

  6. good shit! i woulda went if i got back home earlier…. we heard the news from tina that you guys were hangin out during his shoot and it was already late… 9ish i think. shots look nice! looking forward to the magazine!

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