Exclusive Content…Big Mike’s Prelude Build…Part 14…

Back with part 14 of 1,656,495 of Big Mike’s rebuild…shum on (RIP MJ)….Billie Jean is not Big Mike’s lover, she’s just a girl that thinks that he is the one, the kid is not his son…alright that’s enough…moving on…

Here’s the frame dolly completed…Big Mike will tell you more about it:

“This is a dolly that I had my friend Ron Warkentin of True Berserk Fabrication create for the Prelude to rest on so that the entire front end from top to bottom to underside could be prepped and painted.” -Big Mike

“This dolly has casters that support 900lb/wheel. The style and strength of the tubing is far beyond what I needed for this car, but that just means that it can and will be used for other vehicles. In fact, the body shop just might keep the dolly after all is said and done.” -Big Limpin’

Coulda used it to wheel in Michael Jackson’s gold-plated casket…it looked heavy…what, I’m just sayin…

Subframe, crossmember, suspension, traction bar all had to come out to ensure that the front of the Prelude was completely painted, even the underside…

All loaded up….Big Mike actually just picked the shit up and threw it on his shoulder and put it gently on the dolly. He was gonna just hold it up while they painted it but he had to go to work. He also used a black and white camera to take the pics too so blame him if you can’t see the color of the car…

So glossy…

Stay tuned….

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  1. Damn you Mike for using that Lip!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urrgg!!!

    Good shit fellas!


  2. please say he’s getting the crossmember dipped, please say he’s getting the crossmember dipped, please say he’s getting the crossmember dipped, everything looks good, especially since I hope he’s getting the crossmember dipped. *hopes*

  3. Can we at least see the interior?

  4. wow that dolly came out better than i thought from the last post! those welds look great too. what more when that same technique is applied to to other custom fab work!

  5. Big Mike is so baller….

  6. Man throw us a bone here Joey!!! nice progress though……..

  7. damn the whole thing is getting painted! one of my boys back in 07 got most of his arms and other shit under the car candied for HIN 07 on GUAM. it made alot of heads turn. still trying to figure out the paint. hahaha. big props on the build straight from GUAM!

  8. i agree big mike is a baller, just please dont use the cholo chrome wheels. lets see some wide wheels and tires on the BB. from the looks off things people in cali have slammed cars with front lips along with low offset wheels, i hope big mike gets some dope jdm wheels, & i cant wait to see the new color! keep on pimpin big mike, the prelude community all over the world is watching! o.O

  9. **thank you to whoever is doing all the work on this site and presenting such amazing cars and coverage like this beautiful prelude! i cant believe i get all this coverage without a paid subscription, this site inspires soo many people (including myself) on a almost daily basis, stickydiljoe.com 4 life!***

  10. wow i do this kinda restoration all day to streetrods.much respect for that bein done to a Honda. bb4 at that. nice

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