The weekend approaches…

Well, not too much going on today. Just thought I’d ramble about some random shit today. For those of you that ordered stickers, they will be going out beginning of next week. I usually try to get a group of buyers together in a batch before I mail them out. That way I can keep track of everyone and not forget anybody in the process. If you guys wanna help support the site and purchase some stuff to make the lastest batch shipment, click here. Anyways…

For those you that are out of the loop, there’s a meet over at Inline Four this Sunday and I guess it’s gonna be a big one because they’re charging people to park and giving out free stuff and food and what not. Lot of “ands” in that last sentence…Well the thread on the NWP4Life forums didn’t really produce a flyer for the event so I just kinda created my own….

I kinda just put whatever was on my mind at the time when I thought of Inline Four. I honestly have never been there so I can’t say I know that place well enough to produce legitimate images of what goes on over there. So at first thought, I produced a muffler, a white EF hatchback, a fucking motorcycle, “$5” for registration or something, and “yay” because it’s a meet and people love that shit. Why is the Ultimate Warrior in the background you ask? Well, apparently this meet is supposed to be fucking awesome, and who is more awesome than the Ultimate Warrior? Yeah, nobody. So if you’re not doing anything this weekend and wanna go out and check out some nice cars, be sure to make your way out to the gorilla-press-slam-to-flying-body-splash of car meets. I’m pretty sure I’ll be out there with the homies and I think Mikey wanted to cruise and go eat pizza at NWP afterwards since he missed out last time after the Autotoyz meet.

Man, that flyer is so sick. I don’t know about you, but when I see the Ultimate Warrior on a flyer for a car meet, I’m dropping my shit and going to that motherfucker. He’s so angry right there, so you know it’s going down. He’s almost as mad as that one time when Papa Shango made him throw-up….yeah, you remember!!

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  1. so you ARE going. I guess I’ll see you there then.

  2. dude L OH FUCKING L at everything you said about the Ultimate Warrior haha that shit had me laughing my ass off!

  3. lulz!!!! Papa Shango also made him bleed black stuff from his forehead.

    • Haha, if you guys youtube “Ultimate Warrior Papa Shango” the fight is actually up and so is that whole storyline of him being cursed and throwing up all over doctors and shit….oh man…classic. Makes me wish being a kid and believing that shit…

  4. u just made me make an “ultimate warrior” ringtone!

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