Heading North…

Ahh, I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment today. I had alot of work to do this week for Honda Tuning and Super Street and I’m very happy with the results. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with these publications and I love what I do. I’ve grown accustomed to how the business works and I am still learning more everyday. Sure I lost a bit of sleep knocking these features out but it’s all worth it in the end if I can produce written word that people enjoy reading. I’m sure alot of you people out there buy magazines or pick them up just to glance at the pictures. I’ve been guilty of doing that alot too but working in the industry has taught me that alot of the writers (sadly not all of them) put their hearts into writing these things and would really appreciate it if you actually read the articles. Sure pictures are nice, but it’s good to get the brain going by reading stuff that’s actually enjoyable and not a text book or some school shit.

With that said, I think I deserve a bit of a break and am taking a mini two-day vacation to Norcal to check out the N1 Concepts grand opening. It’s not really a vacation because I’ll be covering the event for The Chronicles, but hanging out with homies and shooting the shit is just as good as any vacation….

Before I go, I just want to let you guys know that Big Mike is still getting stuff together, cleaning up his motor, and waiting for paint to complete after he looked it over for flaws.

As for the NSX, it’s also being prepped for repairs. The front end is now off the car from what I hear, and bodywork will start after this weekend. I’ll also be doing the headliner and pillars on this soon so that should be interesting.

Anyways that’s about it. For you Norcal guys, see you up there Saturday. I’ll see you Socal people later….off to visit Socal’s ugly sister, Norcal! Hella hyphy hyphy hyphy. Purple shirts and tight jeans hooray…haha…

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  1. “Purple shirts and tight jeans hooray…haha”

    take pics of how many people actually wears what you just quoted, HAHAH

  2. Hope to see you there. No, I will not be wearing the aforementioned Bay Area clothing. LOL

  3. Have fun in your two day vacations. I can imagine the heart going into the writing. I’m trying to write my first article for a local mag and don’t even know how to get started ( a little advice maybe).

  4. i was here, and i also saw no one in purple+tight jeans


    twin turbo eg was crazy

  5. that flyer picture has sooo much good stuff in that shop.

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