Back home…

It was an interesting trip to say the least…I saw some cool stuff, ate alot of good food, and saw alot of shit that I wished I didn’t see….but that’s a Norcal trip for ya. I actually got home pretty late and I had alot of stuff to catch up on while I was gone. Plus I was trying to go through all the pics and there are just so many that I couldn’t get through all of them in one night. It ended up being a “trip” instead of just going to a meet and taking car pics. So I think if you guys are expecting like 200 pics of cars or something then you will be disappointed. The pics consist more of the trip up, the stuff we did up there, cars I saw at N1 Concepts, and more personal stuff that we did while we were up. So if you want to tune in, just make sure to check back. If you just wanna see cars pics, I think there’s a couple other sites for that..haha. I’ll leave you with just one pic for now….

Be back later on with more stuff…ALOT more stuff.

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  1. just this one pic shows a lot already. that is one clean dc

  2. all i care about is did you go to China town get me some knockoff DVD and CDs?

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