A follow-up…

This is how I see it.

Joke or not, it merits a response. Why do I feel it’s necessary to comment and “come to Phaze’s defense”? Probably because I know these guys and these guys are my family. Just like how all the guys from VA and on the VA forums all of a sudden come to his defense. “Oh he’s just joking/it’s just a joke”. And then what? All of sudden it’s cool to name drop because you’re joking and everyone is supposed to get that?

What I do on a daily basis on my site and what our guys have done…we don’t need to namedrop and call people out. What we’ve all done collectively has been cemented in print. All of us. I see alot of comments on the “VA driven” forums about how mad we are. Haha, we ain’t mad about anything. The guy is the William Hung of the Honda community right now. You wanna be famous? All good, I’ll give you your 15 min. Publicity brings hits my friend. A couple days from now, no one will be talking about it anymore because it will be insignificant. But I’m sure somewhere along the way all this has helped bring some new readers to my side and even more eyes on our group. I’m willing to give up 15 min of fame to this cat anyday of the week for that.

We’re a family first, then friends, then businessmen. Nevermind, wheel fitment, Mikey’s business is “killing it” right now. The Chronicles is doing better than ever, etc.

This guy put all that work into getting the car up, putting the wheels on, taking pics, putting it up, a “joke” call out, feeling the need to respond to every comment posted about him….that’s alot of work for a joke. All that for some bad publicity? At the end of the day the jokes on him.

Why take it so seriously some of you ask? This guy pulls a stupid stunt, I stir the pot, and everybody is talking about it. Controvery makes the world go round and round. People are talking about what we said in response more than what the guy attempted to (poorly) accomplish. I think we came out pretty well in that regard. You don’t have to agree with me or like what I have to say. I can’t please everybody…haha. But for those of you who are here for the first time…Welcome to “The Chronicles”. I hope your stay is pleasant, entertaining, and informative.

…What he said, I said, has been said before ‘Just keep doing your thing,’ he said, say no more…”

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  1. i decided to make a blog. it’s called the chronic. come get high off these laughs! haha.

    i now deem you joeySERIOUS

  2. Joey,

    Umad is a big VAdriven joke. We say it to all noobs and what not. And when someone says it, the person they say it to get more mad. Its all in jokes lol

  3. lol even if you aren’t from VA, u know that shit is a joke. c’mon man…. phaze2 is phaze2. They will be talked about because they are famous. /story , /blog , /world. That dude probably doesn’t give a hoot about being “famous”. Shit, if i had a ridiculous wheel laying around and was wrenching on my car, i’d probably take a similar “silly” picture. If a nobody comments about phaze2 phase3 showhoppers w.e who cares? someone in iceland is probably talking shit about phaze2 RIGHT NOW, but in the end of the day u’ll keep doing what u do….so your response doesn’t really get you anywhere….

    i will say what i said on hater-trend. Even if someone walked up to me , looked at my old DB, said “dude that body kit looks like donkey cock” or “hey those TE37s look better in 16s” and walked away….. i’d let him walk and not even give a second thought about needing to “defend myself” much less waste time and blog about it.

    in the car world people dont need to justify the shit they buy. because i bet more than 80% of it is ridiculous anyways.

    noone is going to take his word for it and say “yea man, this car shits on phaze2…this car looks better than that eg on bbs”….. c’mon.

    • i cant believe you even commented on this knowing how whack your car looks. we should make a rule, people with ugly cars can not comment….

  4. It’s funny how when someone put low offset wheels on there Honda or Acura, they’ll comment about Phaze2. So my question is “If Phaze2 is no big deal, then why mention the name”? Something for those people to think about.

    Big up The Chronicles!

  5. I wanna see some updates on big mike’s ride. That prelude aint no joke unlike…

  6. didn’t look like a joke to me. those dumbasses were just hating.

  7. love the Jay-z quote at the bottom of the post. Here’s another one “real recognize real and ur looking familiar” and those dudes dont

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