Volume 3: “Somewhere Only We Know” Is Now Available For Pre-Order!!


Well, after thousands of revisions digitally and making some final changes to the physical proof, I can say with certainty that Volume 3 FINISHED.

– Volume 3 is titled “Somewhere Only We Know”.

– The book is the largest one yet at 119 pages.

– I am honored to have the Foreword written by Jonthan Wong aka JDM Wong

– Each book that is pre-ordered will be signed personally.

– Some people asked about boxes for the Vol. 1-3 set and if there would be different packaging for it. Well, I decided to have some fun with it and since my root is Hondas, I came up with the idea to make the box set look like an OEM Honda Parts box! This is a rough mock-up but that is what it will look like when its done.

– If you like the box and have the previous two copies already, don’t worry. All Vol. 3 books will come in the same box so you can move your other copies into this box to complete it.

– By sharing the same boxes, the people who own the previous two volumes can complete their set with the purchase of Volume 3.

– If you don’t own Vol 1 or 2 but purchase Volume 3, it will come with a separate red label specifically for Volume 3 that you can place on the box.

– I will have a very small batch of Bundled Sets of Volume 1-3 available because I did order extras, but by ‘small’ I mean like 20 sets tops. I won’t know until the ordered bundles are shipped.

– What you see pictured in these photos is what will come with the purchase of Volume 3.

– Once the books come back from production, they will all be boxed and shipped. Delivery is expected to be at the end of February.

– For the first time ever, I plan to actually have a book release event/gathering in DTLA. I’m still in the early stages of planning it but it will likely be an afternoon-to-evening event featuring cars on display as well as a gallery. I’ll have more details when I have them.


Okay, with all that information out of the way, I would like to inform everyone that the PRE-ORDER FOR VOLUME 3 BEGINS TODAY SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12.

Only available at


Being that this is a pre-order, everyone will have an opportunity to get one. The Pre-Order will likely be live and available to the public for roughly 1-2 weeks. I will update everyone accordingly when the Pre-Order will end.

Thank you so much everyone for being patient and showing interest in this latest project of mine. I appreciate it always!

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