Labor daze…

Man, it’s been pretty slow lately. Still waiting on people to finish up their cars so I can go take pics so you guys have stuff to look at but in the meantime I’ve just been spending my days over at Midnight Garage. My place has been hot as shit lately even with the A/C on so I just decided to go hang out with Ross over at his shop because his A/C is cold enough to make my nuts invert and I also get to work on my vinyl sticker stuff over there. The response has been crazy lately and alot more people are getting stickers than I expected. I’ll try to have a bunch for the LA County Fair JDM vs DTM show so if you want some, please head out there and find me. I’ll be posted up at a booth eating some fried whateverthefuck so drop by and say hi.

I was looking through my computer the other day and found some stuff that I kinda slept on and forgot to post up after the Nisei coverage. It’s actually the pics of HBK Jaypee’s car on the way to Nisei when it caught on fire…

Kevin from Fast Autoworks got these pics I believe…

I’m sure you all know how it happened cuz I explained it in the Nisei coverage posts. From what they were saying, I thought it woulda been worse but the pics I guess don’t really show all that happened under the car and what not. Just kinda sucks to see this thing ruined after it’s been sitting for so long. Jaypee ended up selling the whole car soon after the fire though so he’s moving onto something else…I think he’s riding around ina Ruckus or some shit….

Here’s a shot of the hole in the block after the piston went through it. Good thing somebody happened to show up with a fire extinguisher or the whole car would have burned to the ground….

So anyways, the Honda world has been kinda slow lately and I’ve just been busy hanging out at the shop so every now and then I’ll just go outside and take pictures for practice. They’re not anything special and they’re not meant to be. Just been trying to get a hang of the camera and shooting and editing and stuff. The rest is all non-Honda related so if you guys don’t care for it, oh well….

This is Ross’s xB. I promise it’s normally cleaner but he’s been driving it around and I kinda just took pics of it cuz it was out front…

I actually have found myself driving my car more and more lately. I think it’s cuz Ross’s shop is only like 4-5 exits away from me and I figure I might as well drive it. When I used to have my Accord I would only drive it from the house to like the supermarket or to get food anyways. Might as well take the time and enjoy it now. I also get to use it for practice with the camera too. A beat up ass 4-Runner doesn’t really make for fun editing either so this is the better choice. I’m also selling my wheels too so pics help. Maybe I’m gonna miss this look later on and look back with regret like how it is whenever I see pictures of my Honda on the internet haha…shit….

That’s about it for today….I’ll be back with the usual stuff, don’t you guys worry….

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  1. I need more stickers…….. 🙂

  2. Ross bB(xb) looks clean.wish mine will look like that,and is your Q on bags shit is low!!

  3. dang seeing tommy’s old soarer makes me sad. i loved that thing; pearl on volks is a timeless combo!

  4. yeaaa! i’ve known ross for ages..his xB is siiick

  5. haha actually i took the block pics on jps haha. and homie steven took the shots 🙂 just fyi. see you at la fair haha. shits gonna be hella hot.

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