Totally NOT a Honda…

Words/Photos – Joey Lee

Well, got some more non-Honda related stuff for you guys since it’s been pretty slow around here. I guess you can say it’s Honda related because the owner once owned an EP Civic that was pretty wild. Apparently, it got jacked and he moved on to this project…This is everything but a Honda and it’s pretty rare to see one of these done up stateside. Overseas, they have the Estima and whatever and they have their own following over there. Here in the U.S., eh, you can barely call it a following. Some guys have the patience and the balls to attempt to build a Previa, and most will say “I’d build one” and never do it. In any case, it’s definitely a rare sight to see one completely done up. I recently ran into Jimmy from Team Praxis at Midnight Garage and I just said “Fuck it, let’s get some shots of it…” I’m always down to take pics of different cars, it’s always nice to expand your horizons you know…and to actually have a chance to shoot a van? Hell, why not?….

I don’t have any details on it, I apologize in advance. Uhh…It’s a Previa, it’s on air suspension, it has a kit on it, and it has wheels. Oh, and the interior has complete hardwood floors…haha, it’s pretty neat….alright, enjoy….

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (800×1200)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Pretty cool huh? Not something you would expect to see rolling around the streets of Socal…

Oh and here’s a “behind-the-scenes” shot to give you guys an idea of how the originals looked and after they were processed by your’s truly…


Thanks for looking, and thanks to Jimmy for coming out…

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  1. thanks for the coverage joey.. i now feeel honored that you wanted to shoot the van..

  2. Haha Jimmy’s Previa is the jam

    I remember first time he brought it by out of the blue

    Best US Previa hands down

  3. that thing is harddd!!!! *thats what she said*

  4. wait, wheres pics of the interior!? cmonnnnn i wanna see that hardwood flooring 😀

  5. VIP backwards stands for “Party In (the) Van!!!” Great shots Joey!!

  6. very nice shots.

  7. damn, jdm vip van? so unique, i like

  8. Very nice shots. I take the train to work and thought that place looked familiar. Good job on the site Joey.

  9. The Previa is the Van of my dreams. I freaking love these things. Hope to build one soon.

  10. dope pics! back in highschool my friend and i would smoke out his supercharged previa after school.

  11. Love this thing, i must have snapped at least 20 shots of it at SEMA. Here in Canada the VIP scene is just starting, but I haven’t seen any VIP Wagons up here yet. The Eurolines look sick on it!

  12. Very nice work , can you please tell me wear i can buy the body kit in the US

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