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I’ve been pretty busy lately with magazine work as well as getting ready for SEMA and helping out my friend’s with their various SEMA projects. Got a bit of a small update for you guys. I took some free time out today to mess around with Forza 3 that just happened to come out Tuesday. I reserved it of course because I’m a big fan of the series. Alot of my ingame creations have received a bit of notoriety in the past as well and the Forza site even featured me on the front page of their site in the past. I basically just play it to create cars and at one point I didn’t even do much racing at all. Well with 3 coming out, I’m forced to race because I need to make credits to buy new cars to build. I went the Honda route of course and have done a little bit of work to two of them with the limited credits I have…

This is my EG that I just put a bunch of stuff on. I love the way the TE37s look this time around in the game. In Forza 2 they were missing the logos and it made the wheel look like a knock off, and you guys know how I am about that shit. Funny thing is, they actually do have Rotas in this game. That’s when you know they’re making it big. I never thought I’d see the day when Rotas were apart of a video game….

The color is supposed to look like Sheepey’s friend Floate’s hatch but when the pics are translated to the internet, it comes out kinda different….I guess I gotta work on that some more. I did had the black side moldings though and the sidemarkers. It gives it more of a realistic look you know….It also has a J’s front lip, J’s hood, and a Bomex rear wing. Looks pretty cool….I just made enough credits to put a K20 in there too and when I was driving it around in game, it actually sounded like a K motor…It’d be nice if they changed up more stuff from part 2 and gave Hondas some more love. It’s weird because the CR-Xs still don’t have sideskirts in the game. I thought it was a glitch or something in the second game but nope, still missing in this one as well…

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like a badass game though…the graphics are amazing and the cars are alot of fun to drive. It’s not too hard to drive but it isn’t like other racing games where you feel like you’re on ice and just sliding around…

This is the car I started out with and also what I’m using now to make credits to get other cars. Of course, leave it to me to do some totally non-functional shit and try to create a VIP-styled Fit in a racing game. They have a bunch of J’s stuff for it in the game but I thought it’d be cool to have a VIP Fit on the track…haha. It’s got a full INGs kit and 19-in IForged wheels. I picked those because they kinda resemble Work Varianzas and it had a nice lip on it. Yeah pretty nerdy, but what can I say, I don’t have all the real money in the world to build cars so I might as well do what I can in a game…They also have Work Euroline DHs in the game too. I might through those on something else later on…haha

Alright off to get some sleep. If you guys like racing games, make sure to pick this one up. Then you can build non functional cars in video game land as well… =P

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  1. whats your GT???? Lets race! Have you tried drifting yet?

  2. always loved your work on forza! hatch looks more like tehisian green which is a stock color on EGs. fit looks great too!

  3. Hey sticky, NFS Underground 1 and 2 had Rotas too I believe. Not sure if BOTH did. But I know one of them did. They even had the Rota Circuit 8 but no mugen love.

  4. see, to be honest, I’m kinda disappointed with this game, I mean the yes the graphics are good, but compared to NFS Shift and Dirt 2, its lacking on the interior view department, I mean in Shift and Dirt 2 you can see the driver hands shifting, and also his legs/feet pressing on the gas/brake/clucth pedal, and you can see all of the details of the cockpit, but in Forza…meh, but yea 400 cars minus 5 or 6 VIP ones, 100 tracks it kinda made it up, kinda…but alas theres no cheats yet..

  5. fuck cheats you cheater!! lol

    i have the work eurolines on the is f i get awarded for lvl up some many hours ago

    • well, the money cheats does do wonders…I’m dont wanna to race the same event 10 times in a row so I can get mods for my scooby….I play forza 2 just to built cars..

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