“All Honda Meet” Coverage…Uhhh…sort of…

Did anyone even know about this meet? Cuz I sure as hell didn’t. I got an IM earlier that morning asking me if I was gonna go to the meet from some random person on AIM I don’t even think I know and once I realized that it was at Super Autotoyz. I went back to sleep. Sorry. But like most of the meets there….they’re all about the same. And not in a good way. It’s not like going to the strip club and seeing the same hot chicks everytime. You go to this stripclub and the chicks are like, missing teeth, got some c-section marks, or some other shit you don’t want to look at. What I’m trying to say, is that you don’t go to an Autotoyz meet expecting to get your mind blown….Not even remotely. It’s not Autotoyz’s fault of course, it just so happens to work out that way. I remember a couple years ago when they would have meets at Autobacs and they weren’t so often and the quality of cars was better. Nowadays it just looks like a parking lot on a regular day. Plus the Red Robin is gone now, and that was at least some consolation back then if the meet was bad.

Now I honestly did not know about this meet because it wasn’t advertised anywhere. I actually had to look around and I saw the flyer for it and apparently it was for some new site….knowmyhonda.com or something or other, but the flyer…meehhhh…

I don’t know if I would go to a meet with a flyer like that. Looks like a meet for a birthday party or some shit. I’m just saying. Not that fun looking, haha….is that awful to say? Flyers are ways to bring people to a meet, the one up there, kinda weak…I wouldn’t go to that and it’s not eye-catching enough. “Oh can you do any better?” you say…probably…Would you go to a meet with that flyer…or would you got to a meet with this flyer….

Does that not scream the best fucking meet ever? I can tell you about import models, and hot cars, and maybe a raffle. Or I can have Jesus holding up an EF, about to attack an unsuspecting, but delightly joyous, unicorn from behind. And there’s fancy clouds in the picture….and yes, it does say “No revving OR No drama.” You have to choose one. Haha…Alright, in all seriousness though. If you want people to go to a meet, get somebody to make a better flyer. It’s a Honda meet, and generally people will go regardless but the flyer is so generic, I wouldn’t expect there to be anything nice there….

Okay, so I didn’t go, we’ve established that…but, my cousin did. He drove up all the way from San Diego for it.

Lucky for us, he was able to capture awesome in a bottle with sprinkles of greatness such as this…

“Trying to be different” I assume….also file under “more trouble than it’s worth”….

Fuck me man. Fuck. A. Me…. Someone broke into this guy’s Honda-Tech starter kit and tampered with it. So many things un-Big Black about it like the green wheels, Shocker sticker, and Honda center caps. Big Black suddenly forgave Rob Dyrdek for leaving him behind and getting another show. The hood is like a bad train wreck. I want to look away but I can’t. Shit gives me cotton mouth. So many levels of awful that it makes me dehydrated…

Confusion. Utter confusion.



I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that somebody probably had a domokun on his tow hook and somebody probably had a burberry front lip on their car….or plastered somewhere on the fender or some shit….All I’m saying is…it looked pretty brutal out there. Sure it’s not a car show but man…it’s like the Appearance/Cosmetic thread on Honda-Tech gone terribly wrong. Like if a group of friends dressed up as Honda-Tech Appearance forum for halloween, this is what you would get. Throw in a little Sportmax offset and you’re good to go.

Man, sound like a real asshole right now. I think it’s that spray-painted Big Black hood…Anyways, sorry for no coverage of it, but understand that it’s the best for me and you….If you want to see more pics, go to my cousin’s site here…..

I once went to a meet like this….and then I got the fuck outta there.

“Do Work Son!”…..ehhhh =\ Please paint your hood back.

DPK David, please tell me you didn’t go to this….

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  1. If this stuff makes it to Canada I’m buying a ticket out there and slapping someone. Is that every Hello Kitty sticker ever made?

  2. Those hello kitty stickers were peeling off lol…

  3. Damn Joey, you got down with that flyer. And as always, I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. are you serious? -_-

  5. btw, i seen you at the nike run! i was gonna yell out, “diljoe! where mikeyyy at?” LOL but i was concentrating on keepin my pace, while you were walkin…LOL

  6. So I finally found out about this thing called the shocker. Can someone please, PLEASE get me some info on where to buy the stickers and perhaps some apparel? It’s pretty important that people driving by my car understand that I like to put my pinky inside of womens rear ends as I’m inserting my middle and index finger into their vaginal cavity. That’s obviously something that I feel portrays a good portion of my personality, as well as seperates me from those other guys with the totally lame “my other car is a Porsche” license plate frames. Thanks in advance, I love your blogZ Joey, it’s the only JDM blog I read. I love my Honda!Beginner driver steez! Street rAceRzz 619 dRag sTylZZ coming out hard for 2010, one love!

  7. Looks like the “Doo Dah Parade” of the import scene.

  8. wow i’m famous now! lolol. thanks for the linky.

  9. ROFL I love the flyer sh*t if I saw that I would have been all over this meet. Your comments always make my day Joey. Good Stuff

  10. I went to the Last SuperAutoToys Meet/Carwash
    cause of the Disaster Relief Fund Raiser-
    I felt It was Important to get the Word out
    and Donate- =)

    but Im Glad I didnt hear about this one,
    SuperAutoToys must make alot of In-Store
    Sales when they Throw these Meets =/

    Those Hello Kitty Stickers were Collecters Stamps- LOL

  11. Bur-brarry front bumper? I dont understand

  12. That fit made me laugh along with your commentary. Ya a Fit with a basically stock motor does not need drag slicks lol.

  13. Yeahh the meet was a bunch of ricer cars with rota wheels galore… I’d say there was ten at the most subtle cars and 1-2 heads I run into at other meets…

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