See you in Vegas…

Oh man, I swear, I haven’t slept for shit this past weekend. On top of the work I was finishing up for HT, I was also helping some people prep for SEMA and cutting graphics and shit for people. Mark my words, never again…not unless there’s some serious monetary backing in it….Seriously, if I weren’t doing it for friends, I wouldn’t have done it at all. It was quite the weekend….I spent Halloween night cutting stickers and trying to finish up a bunch of random other junk in the process. Probably got like what….8-10 hours of sleep total in the last 3 days? Yikes…First thing I do when I get my ass to Vegas is take a long ass nap. Anyways, big week because as you all know, it is SEMA week. I’ll try to update on what’s been going on from day to day at the show as well as random happenings in Vegas. Can’t say I’ll be updating with a crazy amount of pics though because I kinda just need to take a break as well. I’m gonna enjoy Vegas as much as I can and just hang out with friends and what not. Might even shoot some cars, who knows…See you guys out there if you’re comin’…if not, stick around for the coverage. Gonna head out early tomorrow and leave my ass there for like a whole week…then head back on Sunday and go to Auto Fashion for their annual VIP Festival. Should be quite a week of happenings….Which means more shit for you guys to look at when I come home. Alright, enough of this long ass paragraph…I am out.

Oh actually one more thing….over the weekend, we lost a good friend in Toyo the Midnight Garage puppy. He ran out of the shop a couple nights ago and was hit by a car and lost his life. My condolences to Ross and the Midnight Garage gang. Damn, it was quite a horrific sight to see. I have to say, I’ve seen some pretty awful stuff in my life time and seeing that poor puppy was one of the most gruesome things I have ever seen. So sad to even think that he’s gone. He was such an excited little dog…always jumping around and shit. The world wasn’t ready for you my friend, may you jump around and have all the fun you want up in puppy heaven. RIP, Toyo the Midnight Garage Puppy….

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  1. whoa sorry to hear about toyo, but have fun in vegas this week man. i know you’ll do a decent coverage, along with some antics thrown in for the less fortunate that can’t make it out. what happens in vegas…may not necessarily stay there eh? see you on sunday though kid.

  2. hey.. is that the bigger dog? or the smaller one? sorrie to hear that..

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