I’m back….finally. Haha, I would have gone through internet withdrawal if I wasn’t umm….in Vegas. Haha….I got like over 4gigs of shit to look through so it’s gonna be an interesting week for sure. Stay tuned. I had a blast, SEMA was everything I thought it would be, had some good times eating disgusting amounts of food, chillin with the homies, and even shooting some cars or two. Sorry I haven’t been around but I don’t have a computer and we didn’t have internet access regardless. I got lots of shit to go through though like I said. Just a couple Hondas at the show but I took everything that I thought was interesting, and if you’ve been following this site, you know the weird shit that comes about when I walk around anywhere with a camera in hand…So stay tuned. I’m back muthafuckaaaaaa—aaaaa–aaa

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  1. x2! been waiting for an update!

  2. “finally.. damn..” my exact feeling when i got back from vegas last night.

    did you see the RAVS engineering wheel? LOL.. i got a pic if you want it.

  3. welcome back boss! been waiting for an update since forever!

  4. Man I wish I would have known you were there. Im sure I walked right by you and didnt even know. I was so hung over the entire time I was in Vegas. We parted like rockstars in the Penthouse Room at the Mirage.

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