Hey there Power Outage…

Seriously, I was going through all these pics and what not and what do you know…the power goes out. Not power outage like I didn’t pay my bill or whatever but like the whole fucking block went black. It was like some horror movie shit. I bet you the security guard in the complex was shitting himself when the lights went out and he was standing in the parking lot in the pitch black. I had an LED flashlight that I waved around out my window to see what was going on and it probably just scared the dude even more to see a white light flying about in the parking lot in the dark…haha. So I attempted to go to sleep since, well, I couldn’t do anything else without power. I don’t what happened but I managed to have like the worst fucking dream in the course of a 10 minute sleeping session and woke up to the power coming back on. Then I kinda just layed there for awhile waiting for everything to turn back on. Oh yah, then my computer was tripping out and wouldn’t restart. Probably the surge of power when it turned back on suddenly or whatever. I was thinking how fucked I would be if the power outage just raped my harddrive and I lost all my content. Yeahh….so needless to say, this is where I’m at right now. So I think I’m just gonna go lay down again and wake up and upload some more pics. Out.

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  1. glad ur back! ive been dying for updates fool.. lolz!!! so i know tha matrix looks kinda whack right now.. but its not done yet!

  2. your from canyon country? the one right next to valencia? crazy…

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