Do you understand the consequences of your actions?…

“…The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy…”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I was gonna go ahead and post up some more SEMA coverage for you guys, and what I’m gonna tell you is SEMA-related…but let’s take some time to air out some dirty laundry shall we? Now let me begin by saying that I’ve known Ross for quite awhile now…The guy is a stand-up dude. I don’t really keep large amount of people around me because I’ve been burned in the past and I like to keep my network of friends small. Within that group, Ross is definitely one of the guys in my tight circle of friends. The guy is a self-made business man. Came from nothing and runs a business on his own and does all his own work. He doesn’t take short-cuts and he doesn’t screw people over. It’s not in his nature to do so. The man will stay up for days just to complete a project because that’s the type of guy he is. When I say that he’s a homie, I trust him and I back his business venture. I’m sure you guys have heard me mention Midnight Garage more than once. We worked together to throw his grand opening and it was great. From time to time I’ll try to help him out and give him advice. One of the things I tell him all the time, is to weed out all these extra motherfuckers around him. Sometimes you can tell when their are people around who are of no value. They’re leechers. They cling to you and take everything you have. These people are suspect. What I’ve noticed from hanging out with Ross is that he tends to have some people around him that are these types of people. I don’t own a Scion. I honestly don’t give two shits about them unless my friends own them. I mean like the cars and the things done to them, but the community as a whole, ehhh, I just don’t relate. There are alot of younger cats in there that are these leechers that I speak of. I won’t  name names but I noticed this from hanging around at Ross’s shop that there are some people that that just aren’t any good for him. “Weed these people out” I’d tell him….

Two of these individuals, I will name…One is a guy by the name of Martin Trujillo and his girlfriend; Melissa March…Now I name these two because they fucked up. And today, the world will know who they are. When I first met these two, I didn’t give a shit about them. Honestly, I have enough people in my life, plus the guy came off kind of a douche because he constantly made fun of one of the other Scion guys because he swore the guy was gay and was gonna expose him. Whatever. Over time, from hanging out at the shop, I got to know these individuals. At first, homeboy came off better than thou like his shit didn’t stink, but once he found out what I did for a living, he magically became nicer to me. Funny how that works right? Anyways, all good, if you’re cool with me, I’ll talk to you. I got to know them because they were always hanging around at the shop, using Ross’s shop space to eat, hang out, smoke hookah, generally make a mess. They were Ross’s “friends” so I guess it was fine for them to just get in the way and take up space and air at Midnight Garage. They were also apart of a pretty large Scion crew; “Scion Evolution” so they always hung out there because of that, along with a few others. Martin’s Scion xB was also at the shop for a repaint and little repairs here and there in preparation for SEMA 2009. He’s got “big sponsors” apparently and claimed that his car would be high profile and his spot at SEMA was paid for. Now the agreement he made with Ross when he originally brought his car in was that he would help Ross out with the car, afterall they were friends. It was also agreed upon that he would rock the Midnight Garage banner for a year and Ross would hook him up with the price on all the work. This was written and signed by the way. Business is business afterall…

He agreed to fix and repair the bumpers, paint the Scion “Laguna Seca Blue”, and install some gauges along with some NRG stuff Martin got from his sponsorship. Now I’ll be honest with you, the car sat for a while, a couple months to be exact. Why? Because cash is king. Ross needed to do small side jobs here and there to pay the rent, and as a friend, it was okay for both parties. Some where inbetween that time, his girlfriend’s car came into the picture as well, and it was also gonna be apart of SEMA.  Mikeyyyy’s car was supposed to be apart of SEMA as well and needed to be repainted but Mikey eventually decided to give Ross the time he needs and told him to just finish the other two cars. There was also some Clazzio shit that was coming in for Martin’s car and the interior pieces needed to be rewrapped and the headliner done. But that stuff was never agreed upon to be done. I guess he just assumed Ross would do it for him, because they were “friends”…

So the month of SEMA rolls by and there was a minor delay in the paint while Ross was finishing up other cars. This whole time, Martin and his chick are there at the shop almost daily, just hanging out, eating, generally not doing shit. I’m no expert on building cars or anything, but if I know I got some interior shit to install and some panels to be rewrapped, I probably would have gotten to it already and started working on it, regardless if the car was being painted or not. the interior has nothing to do with the outside of the car afterall. And if I’m just sitting at Midnight Garage and picking my ass, I probably woulda tried to knock that out first knowing that the paint was gonna come down to the wire…Plus the guy was getting some Memphis Audio sponsorship and it probably would have been a good idea to maybe do the audio stuff to in the meantime, but again, what do I know?…

Me personally, I’m always at the shop because I use Ross’s sticker machine to cut my Chronicles stickers so I’m always around seeing what’s going on and pushing Ross to get these cars done and making sure he stays on track. Not that he’s losing focus or anything but having a bunch of Scion kids hanging around at the shop can be a distraction. The whole time I’m there, I see these two (Martin and Melissa) just sitting there talking the night away and not doing shit. Did it ever occur to you that you should probably be working on the car? The guy says he was gonna come by and help out on the car and just pulls up a chair and sits on his ass and watches the days go by. Wasn’t the agreement made that you would help out to ensure your car would be finished in time?…

Fast forward to the week before SEMA…Martin’s xB is in paint. Door jams done, engine bay done, basically everything but the kit. Melissa’s xD needed a Five:Axis kit painted, done. Interior? Not done. Audio? Nope. Are they at the shop everyday not doing anything? Yup. I’m literally there when Ross is painting Martin’s car so I know it’s getting done. My boy Billy needed his sub enclosure painted for SEMA as well, came up last minute,…DONE. This was Thursday to Friday before SEMA. Melissa’s kit is painted and cleared, installed, etc…car is ready to go, Ross even put the wheels on for them. Melissa is stressing out but where’s Martin? “Ohhh, he’s sick, he’s bed ridden…when’s he’s sick, he can’t even get up.” she says. Alright, but your car needs to be finished and you guys need to do the interior still. “Oh I’m gonna do it for him.” she says. That’s a loyal girlfriend I thought. But you need to wrap the interior and do the headliner in one night….and you’ve never done it before…and you have no tools. Does that make any sense to you? “Oh Ross will do it for us” she says….Uhh, don’t think so. Ross agreed to paint the car and he also did alot of little things that he didn’t have to, but did it out of courtesy, but there’s no fucking way that he’s gonna wrap an entire interior for you when he’s gotta finish the outside of the car, you know, the part that you paid for and he was contracted to do. This is supposed to be a SEMA feature vehicle, and your girlfriend is wrapping  your interior and she doesn’t even have a clue how to do anything of the sort. Are you fucking serious? Your car needs to be finished but you have her sitting in the middle of the shop staring at panels waiting for someone to help her, while you’re sleeping at home because you’re sick. Gotcha….It’s so important for this car to get painted but Ross has to lend your girlfriend tools, air compressor, industrial strength interior glue, etc. so that the interior, which should have been done long before, can be finished. Again, by someone who has no experience touching any of that shit….

So I wanted to help out, because I’m not an asshole. I don’t even fucking know them that well but I’m willing to help out so the car is done. So I take time outta my schedule to stand there and teach her how to wrap panels while her boyfriend is sleeping. Somewhere along that time, she mentions that she still has to pack and they want to drive up early Saturday morning because “they don’t want to rush” and want to have a smooth drive up….At this rate, I’m thinking that they won’t even leave by late Saturday night. Needless to say, the interior pieces didn’t come out so well. SEMA car…riiight. Big sponsors but I got a noob wrapping my shit. Man, I just wanted to see these cars finished so as an incentive I agreed to do their vinyl stickers for them. Actually Ross asked me to help them out and I agreed. I’d do what I can. I don’t really know what kind of SEMA feature car has sponsors that can’t supply them with the proper logos and sizing but of course I didn’t get any of that shit until late Friday night. She tells me “YOU BETTER DO THE STICKERS. YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD AND I’M GONNA BE PISSED IF YOU DON’T DO THEM FOR ME”…..What the fuck? All of a sudden I’m obligated to do that shit? I’m helping them out and I’m not even asking for anything in return and now this chick is fucking yelling at me? Haha…you gotta be kidding me. I said “I’ll do what I can.” I only mention this because I heard them talking shit saying that they paid me and I didn’t come through. No bitch, you didn’t fucking pay me shit. And at SEMA you looked me in my fucking face and hugged me and was cool with me. If you felt I wronged you in some way, speak on it…

So the stickers weren’t done….and well, neither was Martin’s car. Obviously they were gonna talk shit. This is being written so that everyone knows the real story as to why it wasn’t finished. I’m gonna beat them to the punch before they can run their fucking mouths. Honestly, if anything the car would have been finished, it would have been done maybe early Sunday/late Saturday, but it would have been finished. It didn’t get finished because that night, around 3am, Ross and his girlfriend Sara’s puppy got loose and ran into the street. They just got this dog not too long ago and it was just a puppy. I was still there as well as a couple other homies because we were helping out trying to get shit done, and my ass was cutting stickers still. Well I see Ross come back with his dog clinched super tight in his grasps. I thought he was just holding onto it because he didn’t want it to get away. Something was definitely wrong. he walks to the back of the shop with the dog and he has blood on his face. We thought the dog had bit him or some shit, so we walk back there to check what was going on. What I saw next was pretty fucking gruesome. The dog was hit by a car and it died in Ross’s arms as he carried it back. There was blood everywhere. On the carpet, floors, all over Ross. I can’t even recall the last time I saw so much blood. Ross laid it down on the table and blood was just everywhere. Me and the homies just stood there not knowing what to do as Ross placed his face on his dog and was just shaking. Like he was in shock. His girlfriend Sara, was hysterical. At this point, car shit didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered. We cleaned the blood up, placed the dog in a box and they had to take the dog to the animal hospital to take care of the corpse. We were kinda speechless after that. I don’t know about you guys, but I kinda don’t feel like doing shit after that especially cutting stickers. Sara was crying, Ross was in shock…car shit, didn’t matter. He even tried to get back to work on the cars and we told him to stop. The rest of us took off and gave Ross and Sara their space. That dog was like a child to them. Fuck some car shit. Martin and Melissa came back a couple hours to check on their car…remarkably, Martin’s crazy illness had passed apparently, and he was able to walk again…and Ross explained the situation to them and what had happened. They knew the dog well and Melissa was always there to play with the dog and she had a dog herself, so it was understood….so we thought anyway….

So her car is ready and is off to SEMA. The week of SEMA (last week), Martin doesn’t hit up Ross or anything, doesn’t say what’s up, anything…Guess he was mad about his car not being finished. Understandable, but considering he didn’t lift a finger to try to finish his own car, he can’t really say. I run into him and he seems fine, says what’s up, whatever… We get word that he’s talking shit about why his car wasn’t finished. We also understand. We know he’s upset with the car not being finished. He goes to everyone within their Scion community and bad mouths Ross and his shop to anyone that would listen. Ross hits me up about it and I tell him…”It’s expected. I mean, it’s easier to tell people that you didn’t finish his car and that you fucked up, then for him to tell the story about what really happened and the circumstances that came about.” Clearly, knowing that weak-minded kid, he would talk shit…it wasn’t a surprise to us. We knew he would talk, but we didn’t know the extent of it. This dude and his girl went and put Midnight Garage on blast to EVERYBODY. Ross takes exception to it, considering all he’s done for Martin, but he understands that he’s got a business to run, so as soon as he comes back from SEMA, he got right back to work on it…

I get back from Vegas and I hit up Ross to see what’s going on, and he tells me he’s sick, as most of us are lately, and has a bit of a sore throat so our conversation is short. Monday and Tuesday, dude is pretty sick, I talked to him today and he’s still sick. But he knows he’s gotta grind so he locks himself in his shop and gets to work. At this point he’s a little tired of all the shit talking that Martin and Melissa are doing so he deletes them from his Facebook, along with a couple of other individuals that were talking. Facebook is serious business of course, so these two flip out. Being deleted from facebook is the end of the world. A bunch of other Scion people get involved when they shouldn’t be, and some guys try to mediate the situation and try to arrange for a dinner to occur where both parties and talk. Ross says he’s got nothing to say to them so he passes on it, just says that he’ll finish the car and it’ll be the end of it. The car is probably 70% done. It’s in the middle of wetsanding and the kit had to be painted, and the contract would be fulfilled…

I’ll even post a pic of the car as they were waiting to tow it home…Just for reference and to prove that they didn’t allow Ross to finish the car before they took it away…

What happened next, is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and what they did to Ross, well, let’s just say that it caused irreversible damage…

After the whole Facebook ordeal, Melissa and Martin hit up Ross about the car….Ross is sick, dude doesn’t want to talk to people, especially these two clowns. So they actually go as far as to come to the shop and bang on the door and shit. Real classy individuals you know?….Funny how when Ross is sick, they come banging on the door asking for shit to be done, but when it came down to crunch time for SEMA, Martin was apparently so sick and bed-ridden that he didn’t even come by to finish his own car. It’s funny how that works, right?

Earlier tonight, they lost their fucking minds. They show up at the shop in a fury looking for Ross…It’s not just them two though, Martin’s mother is there as well as Melissa’s brothers. Yes, Martin’s MOM. What they plan on doing with two extra guys there, I don’t know. But I assume they wanted to appear like they had the numbers to make Ross feel intimidated. Another wise choice… Ross isn’t at the shop at the time and Sara comes back from work to see these characters waiting at the shop. She rolls up and Martin’s mom is ranting and raving calling Sara a “slut” or “ho” and cussing her out. That’s a real classy mother I guess. I don’t know what being a slut has to do with painting a car, but then again, why is the guy’s mother there? Sara doesn’t want to deal with the bullshit so she tries to leave and they block her car in! Threatening her and repeatedly asking her where  Ross is….It got so bad that Sara had to call the police to get involved…

Ross arrives and Martin, like his mother, also goes on a tirade claiming that he’s gonna ruin Ross and report him to the BBB. He also claims he’s gonna take Ross to small claims court. Report what? Gonna take him to court for what? Because he was still finishing the car? I’m no lawyer, but you can’t sue someone for nothing. Midnight Garage didn’t deliver the car in that condition. Work was still being done on it. Martin tells Ross that he wants the car back and he’s pulling it out of Midnight Garage. Good luck with that lawsuit…You do know that you can’t sue someone for not finishing a car when you pulled the car yourself and took it home and didn’t allow it to be finished, right?

While they wait for the flatbed to take the car, Ross and Sara go back into the shop because they have nothing else to say to them…When they walk back out after they leave, this is what they have to greet them…

Wow… dumb motherfuckers…

I can understand being unhappy about a car not being finished in time, but to go and vandalize another man’s car….is on a totally different level of stupid…

It’s unbelieable the levels these people will stoop to….and for what? Martin mentioned that his SEMA sponsors were mad at him because his car wasn’t finished…

Homie, your car ain’t that special. Nobody would have cared either way if that shit made it to SEMA or not. You got a Memphis sponsorship, and you would have arrived with no audio…You have a Clazzio-sponsorship, and you have door panels hand wrapped by your girl who doesn’t know the first thing about wrapping anything. You have a Hankook sponsorship, but they didn’t feel you were important enough to give you four matching tires. You had a SEMA deadline to meet, but you couldn’t even get out of bed to lift a finger to finish your car. Your shit ain’t that important. Trust me. The automotive world would have been fine without your car. And if you think you disappointed your sponsors, imagine what they’ll think of you now when they see this. A cowardly kid who brings his mom to fight his battles for him and vandalizes people’s cars. That’s a real good look for you. You do realize what car you messed with and the people associated with that name it represents right? Whoever decides to finish your car, make sure to let them know that if they dont do a good job in the right amount of time, that your mother will be there to talk shit to their significant others.

I hope the best for you because you’ll need all the help you can get.

You, your girl, her brothers, your mother, whoever decided to carve the “fuck you” on the hood… FUCK YOU too, you insignificant fucks. Go facebook about it. We know you planned on “exposing” Ross or talking shit about him to the Scion community or whoever wants to listen to your dumbass. We got you.

Got your plates too….smile….

Everybody be on the look-out for these vandals…

Kids these days….

Gonna miss this look…Phaze2 Ross bB gonna come back better than ever in 2010…

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  1. thats fucked up man…hope Ross gonna be ok, hi Bb is the shit….stupid kids these days.

    • Wow how about those asshats? Its sad how they chose to act in that situation. Karma is a bitch tho, so they will get what they deserve to the 10th degree. Martin and Melissa, on behalf of the east coast, FUCK YOU TOO, bitches.

  2. ….un-Fucking believable! The level of fucking stupidity and ignorance is fucking mind boggling. Give Ross my best on his dog and this situation. Knowning Ross, I know hes going to come back harder! Karma is a muthafucka!

    –Phaze2 Henry

  3. Yo Joey,

    it’s Karlo, we kicked it a few times a while ago. Anyway, i wanted to thank you for posting this up, and doing the right thing. This type of behavior is highly unacceptable.

  4. WHAAAAAAAAT THHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEE FUUUUUUUUUUCK?!!?!?!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! Ross is my boy…Ross is one of the handful of people I talk to in the Scion community because he’s legit, genuine, real, etc. It sucks I can hardly hang out with him since I work 5-6 days a week & go to school full time, & he’s an hour drive from me. The majority of the Scion scene is like this, sadly. That’s why I fucking called outta their bullshit shanangins. I used to be so involved with the Scion scene, hanging out with people all the time, going to all the local shows & never put on a mask, that’s why people hate me, because I’m real & say shit how it is. I’ve had to go as far as filing police reports against people because I didn’t join their piece of shit Scion clubs & they left threatening voicemails saying “I better watch my fucking back, cuz they’re gonna hunt me down”…for what? Cuz I didn’t join a shitty fucking Scion club. I’m so over this, & this goes to show peoples true character, & solidifies the stupidity & assholeness of Scion owners. They’re the most 2-faced, backstabbing, piece of shit dickheads I’ve ever met. Even the people who run the damn Scion clubs in the Scion community are like this. I’ve been burned by these types of people countless times. Even to the extent of having a “friend” pocket $800 from me & my boyfriend for a hotel (7 nights in Vegas) that we later found out was comped by one of the guys sponsors (mind you, he did this to someone else staying in the room, too & pocketed another $500, & their were 7 of us in ONE room). I’m frikkin LIVID that someone would do this to Ross.

  5. WOW… The Chronicles droppin’ dime’s on em.

  6. Sorry to hear man. What pieces of shit. Should publish their photo’s too.

  7. and tina with the chisme! haha

  8. That’s ridiculously fucked up. I own a tC, and this is EXACTLY why I distance myself as far away as possible from the Scion scene. So much of the Scion scene is made up of lazy, cheap, and immature kids. It’s disgusting and makes me ashamed to even drive my own car.

  9. Chisme or not, I’m ashamed to own a Scion (fuck, I own 2, my daily drivers an xB), but people need to know wtf’s up with these people. They expect shit to be handed to them on a silver platter & that they’re gods gifts to the world cuz they own $17,000 cars.

  10. Dam, that is just messed up big time… i personally feel for Ross (i dont know him) but i honestly wouldn’t have people hanging around my shop just sittin around bullshittin. I would put them to work or have em bounce…

    none the less, still grimey of them to expect so much for nothing and im guessing ross is one guy running an entire shop, dont know how many people he has working for him but seems like he is a worthy guy to have all these sema guys and sponsored cars trust him to complete thier car. And he still chose to complete the car even though it didnt make sema. I am quite interested to see what the other side says tho.

  11. First of all im martin… let me first say that i would never damage any other persons car… i have gone through all the proper channels and amd taking the said person to court… the fact of the matter is that the car was at the shop for 12 weeks.. i paid the shop in full to complete a job that was not done… Second i never once agreed to help work on my own car… i said that if im there im down to help, but he doest start working on cars till about 7 to the next morning i work 8-6:30 job i cannot stay at the shop and do what work… no where in my contracts with ross does it state that need to help him do work on my car but it sure states that i need to run a midnight garage sticker… so if it was that important dont you think he would have stated it int he contract i would… i have known ross for some time and i thought he was my friend… he knew the deadline and regardless of the fact that his dog died, which i feel really bad about. it should have never gotten to that point. the work should have been done in a timely manner and to decent quality. i pulled the car out of the shop because he was being unresponsive and not willing to speak to me. i tried voicemails / texts / emails / facebook… the only time he responded was to tell me he was sick and he will try and have my car done in 2 weeks… but let me ask you if he i so sick why is he going to strip clubs for $2 doller beers and bars on this thursday.. i have the saved aim converstions proving this….. so he is so sick that he cant work on the car but yet can go have drinks? hmmm… how does that make sense… the interior portion was second to the paint.. the interior didnt need to get done i could have ran it the way it was with stock interior and clazzio seat covers. the audio i had covered i was going to throw it in the car with pieces i already had predetermined and it just would not have been hooked up…. the biggest problem is the paint…. 12 weeks and as you can see in the pictures above this is all that i got… i didnt even get an im sorry till a week after the car didnt make it…. 🙂 this is all i have to say…

    • Martin, im sorry to say that if you go legal, then you wont get far because even if you sue, your car was there for 12 weeks, you were at the shop maybe not for 12 weeks but a good amount of time and saw that work wasn’t being done to your car. when you saw week 4-5 roll by, and it wasnt complete, as a customer, you should have said something. if it wasnt done, you could have opt to get paint somewhere else and still bring the car back to get work done

      Ross understandably tho, cars do get pushed back due to how many projects.

      In the end 12weeks is a LONG time frame… you both are in the wrong. was 12 weeks enough to get all the work done?? 3 months is a hell of a time, thats a whole season. But should you have hung out at the shop for 12 weeks and then complain about deadlines AFTER the show. that shows u were aware of the sit but did nothin til last minute

      In the end

    • roads closed pizza boy, find another way home

    • This guy Martin and his girlfriend are fat, lazy, disgusting pieces of shit. First of all bro, I’d love to see the day you try to take Ross to court. After you vandalize his property and sexually harrass Sara, you’re really stupid enough to think you have a case?? My brother is a lawyer and knows the story and is prepared to represent Ross because as we all know, youre a piece of crap. All you’re going to get out of this is a pile of court fees for wasting everyones time. Its one thing to fuck with Ross but when you bring Sara, my best friend Ive known my entire life, into it, you fuck with me & I will fuck with you right back. So go ahead and find yourself a lawyer, we will settle this shit once and for all. I knew from the day I met you that you and Melissa that you people are no good and I’m glad everyone now sees what a joke you are. You’re a fucking pussy and you will get what you deserve. Now go cry to your momma

  12. Stuff like this pisses me off like nothing else. People who fuck with other peoples cars, whether SEMA worthy or completely stock, are literally the scum of this earth. The whole time I was reading this I just kept getting more and more pissed off. I even found their facebooks and want to add them just so I can tell them how worthless and fucking pitiful they really are. I wish you guys the best, and I hope something becomes of these motherfuckers that puts them in their place.

    On a side note, you have an amazing blog. It is by far the best and, in fact, the only blog that I read and follow. I check it daily just to see some incredible pictures of the best looking Honda’s and others I have ever seen. It gives me the feeling that this is what California is like every day and almost makes me want to leave Houston for it haha. Anyways, keep it up man. I hope to some day make an EJ6 sedan that I’ve been building in my head for years that will be worthy enough to make it onto your blog.

  13. Man this shit sucks! I was at SEMA and saw ross’s car in the Food for less parking lot way down off the strip and the car was clean as heck and I am sorry low life people had to go and ruin it! I heard about martins car not getting done , and this explains it all…People like this are making our community look bad! Martin needs to be removed for SE and be held accountable for his actions!

  14. I had my car keyed at a show.. for what? I don’t know. If I was near this, I would help out on the knee caps.. BS.. go legal… then go personal.

  15. Wow that’s fucked up.

    Way to get your mommy to come to your fights, jackass. She’s probably pissed because you wasted her money on a car that didn’t matter to anyone else.

  16. Pigs! unbelieveable, some people.

    New to your blog, nice!

  17. Damn that is fucked up. I knew those 2 seemed shady and yeah Martin was definitely a douche bag. If I ever run into him I’ll be sure to punch him in the face. I’ve already wanted to just looking at him and with this it just makes the urge even more prevalent.

  18. this guy sounds like a total fag… he and his chic piss me off just reading this.. i’m speechless. sorry about the box. i got vandalized the same exact way before.

    but how can these two represent the whole scion community?? i’m sure there are shady individuals in EVERY community..

  19. Speechless. Sorry, for the loss of the puppy. Some people are just scum of the earth. True enthusiasts these people are not.

  20. actually my mom was there to call the tow truck because for w/e reason my car was not in a drivable state and didnt run…. wasnt fighting anything i dont need my mommy do do anything for me… my car is bought and paid for with my own money…. : )

  21. Karma’s a bitch…they’ll get theirs. The plates will help too 🙂

  22. Wow, what a read. I hope I don’t come across those two in the future, I live around the Midnight Garage area too. Sounds like they’re all bad vibe, Martin, his GF and their family as a whole.

    Sorry for Ross’ loss on his and Sara’s puppy though.

  23. PPL are fucked up sometimes..grow some balls and leave your moms at home!!

  24. Kid sounds like a moron. Midnight Garage should get some cameras to watch the outside, in case these lame kids come back.

  25. F them. Always trying to one up people and always acting like their homies. Serious F’d up shit. Im sooo pissed and irritated right now about this and its not even my car nor was I any way involved.

    Big thumbs up to Joey for speaking the truth and laying it all out for people to see. Im going to post this up on a bunch of forums for people to see.

    Ross is a stand up guy and a great friend. He has helped me out many a times w/ my xB and my Fit. I know me vouching is much but anyone that doubts Ross and his work/business better think twice cause he is a legit dude who will bend over backwards for you.

  26. wow, sorry to hear about this. Some people take car shit to a whole nother level. Really not worth it at the end of the day.

  27. Wow, real cowardly to do that to his car… So sad about the puppy.

  28. HOLYSHIT! The reason I too keep my circle of friends small. They were low as is just hanging out and not doing a thing to help things a long. Friend is not one that makes a contract and doesn’t help out, a friend is one that is willing to drive miles, pick up a wrench, work countless hours, and sleepless nights and still go on with their regular lives.

    If this Martin dude was a so called “friend” he would have done more then just be a waste of space.

    Then he goes and pulls the worse. Touch someone else’s property. If he really were an “enthusiasts” he would have respect for someone elses car. Come on!!!! Be a man, not a kid about it. Keying someone elses car is fucking low.

    Karma will get’em back and so will the law


  29. WTF i dont know any of you people on here but i will say this. Who the FUCK keys someone’s car because there car isnt done on tim. If he really wanted it done he would have helped finsih the POS. Good luck ROSS on the 22010 face lift of the BB. and my condolences to you and you g/f for the loss of the dog.
    i wouldnt want to do shit if i just lost my dog.

    keep your head up and come back harder than ever.

    peace. love. and fuck the haters.


  30. that’s just messed up. reading more and more made me pissed. i had a gut feeling this kid martin and his snooty ass bitchy looking gf were shady. i wish they keyed my car instead, i wouldn’t have taken the civil route and retaliated, busted some faces. people like these mentioned are the main reasons why the scion scene is hated and dead. thanks a lot scums! i’m sorry to hear about the puppy ross and also the vandalized ride. i’ve met ross at a charity function and known about him and his a pretty legit guy. karma’s a bitch.

  31. Wow, they sound like a really stand-up couple and their actions reflect that. This is unbelievable. Your friend Ross sounds like a great person and I hope everything gets sorted out correctly.

    This makes me mad just reading it.

  32. scion ppl….ahah kidding, but jesus I hope charges are pressed against the vandalism.

  33. OK really you started this post off with a MLK quote when Ross put TNB (Typical Ni–er Behavior) on blast about this whole thing on facebook.

    First off people never pay a service/body/paint shop all the cash upfront your asking to get screwed. Second who knows what the contract says the lawyers can figure that out. Third it sucks when friends have to get to this point. Fourth it is both their faults for it getting to this point.

    Many cars have been keyed while at Midnight Garage in the past year. So who is to say who did it?

    Read Martins responses to this post people that explains some of the other side.

    They are both at fault. Yes Martin is lazy he will be the first to admit that. But Ross also has too much going on and not enough work getting done.

    Joey do not lump all scion owners members together that would be like lumping all Honda rice burning street racers together…lol just kidding I think we need some humor in this post. As a real car guy you should be able to appreciate all makes of cars.

    • Easy for you to speak up when you hide your identity. I’ve provided an open area for you guys to respond, but clearly making up a user and saying something like “cars get keyed all the time there” will give you some validity…right? I guess it was just a coincidence that they came banging on the door and have people’s mother verbally assaulting others and then some guy randomly came by behind the shop, where they were all standing by the way, and decided to key the car and put “fuck you” on the hood…for no reason. Just. a. coincidence. Riiiight.

    • Cars get keyed all the time? My car along with several friend’s cars have been there overnight for several days and not once were they ever keyed. Now if I take my car there and it get’s keyed I’ll take matters into my own hands and make sure whoever keyed it get’s dents the size of their faces into their cars.
      Be a man and post up who you really are and not just MLK.

  34. Best of luck. well you wont need luck…have fun getting back at these morons.

  35. MARTIN, CHINGA TU PUTA MADRE WEY…fucking coward lazy scum bag…got tell your mommy to come here and defend you…I hope charges are pressed against the vandalism

  36. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  37. Martin has been and always will be a giant bag of used douche. He has his head way up his ass and think he’s way above everyone else. He is unfriendly and unhelpful to anyone he comes across in the scion community. sure he has his little butt buddies from his club (prob the other a-holes with him while he picked up the car) but other than that he never pops up anywhere unless he wants to start shit. He even at one point said he wanted to burn my car down just cause he didnt like the styling of it, so i guess with his anger issues (and his moms) i guess him just keying the car wasnt so bad. Fuck you martin have fun trying to show your face at scion show from now on.

  38. damn… i met these guys before.. didnt talk to me for a little while too until they knew i knew how to do interior… i wasnt gonna take part in this situation so i lent ross my things and let him goto town.. but i never once heard ross said he was going to do it.. people need to get their story straight.. and as forward to the two individuals, grow up, having your mother there is a prime example of how u are not ready for this industry. noone is ever going to sponsor you ever again. companies make the mistake of sponsoring irresponsible, ignorant people only once. and when word gets out, forget the sponsors, media, anything, even real friends like ross. Ross painted my civic back in the day and even though i didnt say i was going to help, i did because thats what real friends do. not have their mom key their friends car because you had to pull her away from her stories on daytime television. im glad i didnt do your interior, i had a feeling about u two, and now this just validates how juvenile and deceitful you guys really are. I had a feeling because u would hide smoking from your girlfriend and look at me and just expect me to give you a cigarette just because. Ross, let this be a lesson learned fool, in all honesty you are my homie, and you need to stop dealing with these ignorant juvenile bastards that just want to suck the life out of you. You are ready for the big time now so step up ur game. you have the reputation, now go make yourself a success. dont let these assholes hold you back. its very expected that youll get milkers like these two along the way, but just overcome the obstacles!

  39. and number 2. JOEY would not lie. hes too deep in this industry to lie. and i know he didnt get to where he is by lying so dont even think that. journalism is all about brutal truth!

  40. That is so messed up. I’m extremely curious how this will turn out. PLEASE try and push this to the fullest. Whenever I read anything like this I get so upset, and saddened by it. People don’t realize that some of these cars are more than just cars, their dreams, hard work, and sacrifice. If you can please let me know or publish when charges are brought up. It’s pretty sure you’ll get the charges since you have their license plate numbers (all of them *I had to laugh*). The police should be able to run the numbers and pull up an address and hopefully you can go with them to identify them.

    Please keep me / us posted.


  42. definitely!!! just call the cops.. or if not…. take the law into your own hands..

  43. I can’t believe what I’m reading on this site. First off great job to Joey for speaking his mind and portraying the truth because a lot of times people always twist the truth with their own false renditions of what happened.

    Secondly, my apologies goes out to ross and sara for their loss of the midnight garage puppy.

    Me and Ross go many years back and he has always been a genuine person whom is diligent, honest, trustworthy and straight-forward kind of guy. Ross is always willing to lend a hand to anyone that needs help, and that is how he built his respectable reputation.

    Judging from the actions of the two nimrods mentioned above, if you need your shit done you should have put in fucking work. Some people see it as “oh I came to the shop, that’s my way of putting in work” but in actuallity you aint doing shit but wasting space. If the commitment you made with your sponsors was really important you would have worked your assess off on your behalf and got shit done that you could have taken care of and not rely on ross to do everything such as your interior or stickers.

    Keep your head up ross and stay strong, don’t let a little rain ruin your parade.Obstacles make you stronger. Karma is a bitch and when it gets you, it gets you when you least expect it.

  44. WOWWWWW I hate people who take out problems on peoples cars…lowest of the low. These dumb fucks deserve to get some charges against them. Does Midnight Garage have cameras by the bay doors or where the bB was parked? You can use that as evidence against these ass clowns.

  45. Theres no proof they did it so how would that stand in court? Thats right, it wouldn’t.

  46. Way to be one-sided and not post my comments. You’re cool.

    • I would love to post your comments if you would actually post who you are instead of hiding behind “Anonymous”…I could do you one better and do a reverse look up on your IP. But I figure you would want to man up/woman up if you want to be politically correct. Trust me your comments are still there. They’re terribly untrue though but I guess I’d be willing to put them up when you come out from the shadows…

  47. im going to look up the license plates of them idiots and post up where they live. also i’ve seen that xd around as well. me and the homies will go to town on that bitch.

    look at that fat fuck. he needs a beat down to wipe that retarded look off his face. id slap his ugly ass gf too.


    awesome pic of him. looks like the laziness he showed on his car is the same laziness he puts into his everyday life.

    jeeeeez! we already know you have a big mouth quit proving it!

  49. Oh man, epic pictures.

    If the story was one sided, martin would be defending everything, but he can’t haha… Just his mommy was there calling Sara names and “calling for a tow truck” because he wasn’t capable of doing so.

    Just give up, you’ve failed enough already.

  50. Holy shit… Just read the story but this is just bizarre..

    I for one wished i live in the US right now to keep an eye out for these plates man. This is just crazy. It’s too bad Ross’ car is now in such a condition.

    Hope you find the fuckers and key them all over.

    Wish Ross and Sara all the best of luck they need right now, and a R.I.P. for their dog.

    I’m sick of people like that, because they are all over… They are like a disease and it seems like the whole world is infected with this kind of bullshit.

    Greetings all the way from Amsterdam again.


  51. can I copy this and place it in a local forum!?

    Fuck the stupid fanboy bullshit!!

  52. Dude. This is totally insane! Ross does his best and when he messes up he does everything he can to rectify the situation. This is the kind of shit that happens when lazy ass people don’t do their share and someone else that’s already over worked tries too hard to please them because they are ” friends”. Ross has done work for me. And he has offered everything to please me and make sure I’m happy with his work. This situation got way out of control because people can’t control their anger. Do I see anger management and resititution in someones future!?!

    You live and you learn, right?

  53. This is the type of shit that’s ruining the Scion community. People who do shit like this need to grow the fuck up. He might as well sell his car, because it’s not like he’s going to be able to show his face again… hope it was worth it.

  54. yo ross and joey, i don’t know you guys but i respect you for getting this out in the open for everyone to see how down right dirty and shady these two are. Now its one thing to want to have your car finished and he should have gotten on Ross if he saw shit was not getting done, i know i would have. Threatening to call BBB and even to bring “backup” is just stupid. This guy needs to grow up and not have his mom fight his fights for him. I am glad i sold my xb and was never a part of the whole Scion “scene”, i surely do not need this kind of BS in my life.

  55. This story has gotten me so heated…

    Ross, best wishes for you. If someone like you had let me hang out at your shop and took the time to help me out, you better believe I’d be doing the same for you and respecting your business. That sucks about your dog as well, I always hate when they pass away because they’re just like a part of the family.


    This Martin character sounds like some scum of the earth clown. I’ve had people fuck with my cars, Karma’s a bitch. You can come on here and post under random names saying anybody could have done it. Guess what, circumstance puts YOU as the culprit. What the fuck you gonna do with a lawsuit against Midnight Garage? NOTHING.

    Fuck you scumbag, kill yourself.

  56. fucking mommas boy, haha… who brings their mom to handle their beef? only pussies ass motherfuckers thats who, lmfao. i hope a beat down is in the works because if it was my situation that might be the only thing that would make me feel better at this point.

  57. Im not pointing any fingers in this matter. I understand Martin needed his mom come down to the shop to Help have his car towed because he does not have AAA. But while she was here she was running her mouth towards my girlfriend.. Martin and Melissa continued running their mouths towards me saying that the were gonna ruin my business, and expose me all over the internet..

    1st of all… i admit to not getting the car done… But this blog stated everything that has happened… JOEY DOES NOT BULLSHIT!!!!! what do we have to gain from it???

    i’m tired of all the bullshit, and tired of all the drama.

    i used to consider there two my dearest friends.. i would drop what i was doing to go help them when they needed it. past experiences have proven so… i have nothing further to say…

  58. Damn, This is really sad that someone would do you dirty like that. Hope everything works out well for you bro! Your car was soo dope!

    -Keep us posted on what happens!

  59. how fucked up man they should try running a shop and see how it is! They’ll get theirs. THE CHRONICLES IS THE TRUTH! hope everything gets better

  60. This is fucking pathetic. People who take care of their problems with violence don’t deserve have cars themselves. I hope this asshat gets what he deserves.

  61. just heard about this, and i am shocked! it’s truly unfortunate that there are people out there that act this way, and they cross our paths in more ways than one. my best wishes for ross and midnight garage! like i always say, chronicles is always on point!

  62. Ross and Sara, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

    I only met you both a couple of times and every time, you guys were genuine and sweet! Never ever did I get a bad vibe from either of you and honest to God, I would have never thought anything like this would ever happen to you! Martin and Melissa are low lifes and will get what they deserve. Karma really is a bitch and when she strikes, she’s got no fking mercy.

    I was getting heated just reading this well-written blog. Honestly, if they were “adults” things should have definitely been handled a lot more maturely.

    Sorry for the waste of your time you got from these two fktards.

  63. I just picked this up from another forum, and I have to say that what Martin and is Girlfriend did is inexcusable!!!! I hope that I never meet them, and I wish Ross and his shop the best. If I ever make it down there from Seattle I will be looking up midnight garage, and shaking Ross’s hand. To whomever it was that wrote this, thank you! and know that the good word has made it up north.

  64. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow I donno anyone in this situation but i hope that mother fvcking fat pos drives of a fvcking cliff, with his cvnt ass gf and degenerate mother. Stop wasting the fvcking air we breath and do society a favor and just off yourselves. I really hope people all around the car community spot theses fvckers and do the same. wow simply unbelievable.

  65. damn, has anythin been resolved so far? stupid ass holes damagin another mans car, who the f*ck do they think they are, hope this gets sorted.

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