Currently indisposed…

Sorry guys, don’t got anything for you today. I’ve been busy moving all weekend right after the Thanksgiving holiday and things are pretty hectic over here. I won’t even have my internet set-up at my new place yet until Wednesday afternoon but I’ll try to get stuff up when I can. Currently this is my set-up at my old place because the internet and cable are still up…

Yes, I normally do have a table and yes, currently my shit is on top of a box. Pretty sweet right?…Ahhh so much to do. I seriously hate moving…I’m dead tired, time for some rest…I don’t even have my bed right now since I’m still at the old place and I’m sleeping on the floor tonight…I’ll be back soon.

For those of you who are wondering about your stickers, they should be arriving shortly. I was gone for SEMA for a while and with the holidays and all, I haven’t had a chance to push them out as quickly as usual. And now with the moving and all, it’s not helping either but it’ll be there. Trust it. I’m out.

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  1. Haha nice set up, even got the jug of water right next to your box.

  2. save me a couple stickers!

  3. jug of water? thats a pee bottle! hahaha

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