Still indisposed…

So uhh…yah, I have no internet at my place still until Thursday. Moving was kind of a bitch but it usually is so I haven’t had much time to do anything other than move shit and sleep. I really don’t have anything Honda and/or car related for you today and much of this week will probably be just random ass stuff like it used to be…

I gotta show you the bathroom at my new place though, it’s pretty interesting. It’s a 1 1/2 bath but for whatever reason it’s all in the same room…so uhh…it’s kinda weird….

How many people can say that they can double deuce in the bathroom? Seriously…You can have a nice private conversation in the confines of the bathroom while the two of you deuce the night away. That’s not even the kicker….the shower, which you can see is to the left of the toilet in the back, was apparently designed during the era when the average height of a human being was 5’2″. I’m 5’9″ and I feel like fucking Shaquille O’Neal in this fucking thing. Like my head sticks out past the top of the glass shower doors. When I shower I gotta lay down cuz the shower head pretty much just reaches my chest. The only time I had to do this was at Mikeyyyy’s house because he also has midget showers. Oh and another thing when I get out I usually get out on the side where the towel rack is and I guess I wasn’t paying attention because when I stepped out, I fuckin Sagat Tiger Knee’d the toilet so hard that the porcelain lid flew off the top. Shit kinda hurt. I guess it just takes some getting used to but the place isn’t bad. You can double deuce, watch TV, and lay down while showering. It’s a triple threat. I still got lots of unpacking to do so I’m gonna get back to that. I’ll come back with some other stuff when I can. I gotta use the internet over at Midnight Garage and Ross needs his Facebook time. Peace.

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  1. LOL sagat tiger knee! interesting take on the bathroom indeed. hope the new place serves you well man!

  2. Joey your need bathroom is gansta!!!

  3. LOL that toilet picture just made my day. imagine there was no door between the two? haha

  4. loving the two toilets! next time just M.Bison torpedo through the toilet after the shower 😛

  5. This post is fuckin comedy.

  6. I hope there’s some type of ventilation in there. Because deuce x 2 = nose cancer. I lol’d hard “I fuckin Sagat Tiger Knee’d the toilet” xD

  7. I guess I’ll be the first to ask; Why do you have a pink shaver?

  8. Lol I love your attitude to these crazy things. Maybe it’s because I’m British but I’ve never heard the term “Deuce” before, I’ll have to try that one out in a conversation soon hehe.

  9. im gonna send the bathroom pic to the failblog!!

  10. aww… his n her toilets. so ya’ll can even pooh together. hahaha..

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