A Big Mike update and a visit to Bisimoto…

I’ve actually been sitting on these pics for a little bit now but I just haven’t had time (as you can all tell) to post them up lately. Work had me distracted all week and I actually went out and shot some pics this past weekend…Anyways, many of you have been asking me for an update on Big Mike’s Prelude. Well he’s still in the process of tying up the little things but it should be out and about for Wekfest in February. I took these pics when I went over to Bisimoto’s to grab a pic of Mike’s Prelude for the Top Ten list. It was the first time I had ever been over to Bisi’s and I’m happy to say that I’m gonna go back there real soon to grab some more shots of his turbo Civic Wagovan. That thing is pretty ridiculous and I can’t wait to go back and get a closer look at it. I didn’t stay long that day because he had another shoot to go to and it was pouring rain that day so I couldn’t really do much anyways. These are just random shots I got while we were standing around talking….Enjoy…I’ll be back in full force this week since I finished my actual work stuff last week….

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

The rest are just regular size…

Big Mike and Timmy getting the car ready…

Big Mike Edition interior…

Kinsler ITB set-up…

That’s it for today.

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  1. Hey Joey what you doing up at this time haha

    You posted some of these up on nwp but not your own blog :S? That’s dedication to the scene and readers haha.

  2. i believe this is the build thread for the shuttle that BisiMoto built

  3. o.O I still don’t know how I feel bout that color. I saw a small picture of it on another blog some time back.

    Other then the color everything else is in my flavor of taste. ITB’s, exposed Cam gears, and those headers are driving me crazy.

    Very interested to see that Wagonvan. That picture was such a tease.

    • Agreed, I don’t know how i feel about the color as well but i like the engine bay and everything done to the motor, fucking fantastic.

      i also wanna see the wagonvan and waht rims its rockin haha

  4. I like the attention to detail in his build. The small touches, like the gauge in the firewall is something that definitely makes it unique! The only thing that bothers me is that the harness leads in the seats look, well, cheap. In the second to last pic, they look like they’re that weird flexible plastic instead of the rigid harness guides found on Brides. And it’s not just on those seats; it’s on all the same style of seats. Sorry for nitpicking, it’s just the first thing my eyes see on those seats and it bugs me. hahaha

  5. harness leads on mugen s1 buckets do the same thing 😉 . haha on my dorky arse in coverall dickies! good candid esp mike’s pose there.

  6. The attention to detail is there and every thing looks great except the color. I have to say it but he should really tear the car down and repaint it imo. Up here in WA status sean did just that when it was that dark green. Car is great just that color throws me off. Alot of people will say its a love it or hate it thing but I have not heard any one love it yet 🙁

  7. Thumbsup for Big Mike’s build, keep’s me coming back for more.

  8. wow that shit nice. PERIOD.

  9. This thing is growing on me (the colour)… siiiick engine setup though, attention to detail is mind blowing. Wicked blog too… been reading from NZ for a while, first time I’ve been prompted to comment, keep up the work, much appreciated!

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