DPK David’s EJ1 Civic Coupe…Exclusive Content…

As promised, here are the final edits of the photos of DPK David’s coupe. Seems like only yesterday when David had no idea what the Chronicles was and thought it was gonna be wack…haha. It also seems like only yesterday when David decided to tear his car down and rebuild it. Little did anyone know that it would be down for about 3 years before it finally made its return at Nisei of 2009. When I saw it at the show, I was pretty impressed but I don’t know, something about it…left me with a weird feeling, like it was naked. Just something missing you know? Nonetheless, it was a great car and I was very fond of it. It wasn’t until he brought it out again for the Norm Reeves show in the winter when my view on the Civic completely changed. He doesn’t know what lip it is and no one else seems to know (we’re thinking 5Zigen) but the front lip changed the whole look of the car for me. I guess you could say that it was the perfect finishing touch. He would go on to win best of show at that event and for good reason. David is a hell of a picky guy, and I’ve said on more than one occassion that he’s the most undecisive person I’ve ever met, but it’s quirks like that that often make for great builds. Undecisive, picky, whatever you wanna call it, the final product is definitely worth it. When we had finally come to an agreement on the time to actually go and shoot this thing, I wasn’t sure how I felt about his wheel choice because I had it in my head that it would be on the CE28s but when I actually saw the car in his garage with the CPRs on it…oh man..I knew we had our choice. Something about the green and the Sprint Harts that remind me how much I miss my car, and I take great pleasure in presenting this Civic to you all…

I’m not gonna include all the specs of the build, because well, I usually get paid to do that…haha…but you can see the goodies…

You know the routine, I’m compressing the images to fit the layout of the site but below each image is the link to the original size. At the end I’ve included some widescreen edits for you all…1920×1080 and 1600×900…that’s right, big as fuck in 1080p. Only seen here on the Chronicles…

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Random fish-eye…

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (667×1000)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Larger Version (1200×800)

Extra widescreen shot for the ones with the big screens…

Widescreen Version (1600×900)

Widescreen Version 1080p (1900×1080)

Hope you guys liked it….PEACE.

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  1. Daaaaammmmnnnn. Everything flows perfectly!… I agree, I’m pretty sure that’s a 5zigen lip

  2. Very nice car! Good JOB!

  3. I like the Green and the K swap.

    Dunno how I feel about the rear. To me its missing something, but it could be that I have a thing for rear lips on Hondas.

    All and all its super clean, green and K’ed.

  4. Real nice. I kinda liked the CE28s better though.

  5. much luv for my dPk* brotha!

  6. Reminds me of your old accord!

  7. Thanks a lot for all the great comments. I really appreciate it!!!!!!

    Joey your pics are amazing!!!!!!!!!

  8. PERFECTION!!!!!!

  9. That thing is a thing of beauty. I feel like we always see the same old crap, just minor variations here and there. Nothing better than a clean EJ!!!

  10. Pretty sure this EJ is one of the cleanest, if not the cleanest out there.
    David has a special spot in my heart.
    Some shots of the STATUS seats would have been nice, yet this pictures are sick man.

  11. The attention to detail is amazing. I think it’s safe to say that the ‘tuner scene’ is approaching a level of detail and cleanliness that is on par with hotrods and restomods.

  12. This IS the sickest EJ1 ever built

  13. white CE28s would of been the shit, still a nice coupe

  14. Just so you know, that lip is actually published in Hyper Rev volume 7, Civic/CRX as a “Buddy Club” product on page 119

  15. This is the most beautiful EJ I’ve ever seen.. The ext. color wouldn’t be my choice but anyway.. when you’re gonna sell it, let me knoooow! 😀

  16. NICE CAR! What color is your car off of?

  17. One of the nicest not only ej1, Civic, Honda, Not even Import.. But one of the nicest CARS ever built. Did this make sense? This car is f**king sick!

  18. it’s well done, I don’t like the over all look…

  19. clean a** ej1 bro!!!! whats the paint code on this car! love the color let me know thanks

  20. That is a US racing sport front lip, had and EG hatch and sold it and have the lip stored since it’s so rare.

  21. Damn what a car…much respect David

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