First funk-faker of 2010…

Ah as you guys all know, I am a big fan of people who fake the funk and try to rock real stickers on fake wheels to play them off as the real thing. What’s even better is when the owners try to justify why they do it. Often times we hear the “well I don’t have money for the real thing”, etc. etc, but the point is; why try to front like they’re real? Regamasters are usually the first to be faked because the stickers are easy to replicate but any real car head knows the differences between the real deal Regas and the Rotas, DRAGs, Nippons, whatever. I recently spotted these on NWP and I guess the guy who shot the photos had no idea they were fakes, but I wonder what the owner was thinking when the guy was getting close-up wheels shots. These don’t even look close to being the real thing. For the less inclined, real 16-inch Regamasters don’t have the extra holes in the lug/hub area, only the 15s do. That and the lip design is slightly different also. This may be the first guy caught of faking the funk in 2010, but it definitely won’t be the last…Good job fella, you’ve got the first set of Rotamaster EMOs for the new year…

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  1. Might be the most detailed Rotas ever…fake the funk to the max..lmao!

  2. I don’t understand people that rock Rota’s and try to pass them as the real deal. I rock Rota’s, but you don’t see me telling people I have a set of Work Emotion CR Kai… they are one of my dream wheels tho.

    Joe, are you playing on mass producing the Rotamaster EMO stickers? I have a friend that has some Rota Slipstreams and he wants to put the EMO stickers on’em. He thought it was hilarious.

  3. aww… I’ve been published again.

  4. well, atleast the pics look fresh.

  5. All I gotta say is SMH. (Shake My Head) Rotas are wheels, but to pass them up for something else, this guy has another thing coming.

  6. No one knew his wheels where fake, Hell he didn’t even
    know they was fake until all this shit came out.

    What’s funny is everyone is giving him shit about his wheels because
    THEY THOUGHT HE DID THAT, hum did anyone ask to see if he bought them?
    because he thought they was real?

    Also another funny thing is this guy can come out on baller wheels anytime he wants. They have Mugen’s Sprintharts,Dori Dori, Volks, just laying around
    not for sale just for shit and giggles.

    So maybe before everyone jumped to conclusions people should have asked.

  7. kind of a drag that he didn’t know… this is where doing your homework before buying is really important!! but I agree, people are always too quick to judge. heck, I wouldn’t change ’em, the car looks incredible!!!

  8. No hate for rotas… but man… WTF!

  9. @ jason, i guess your homie got, got. maybe he should of done his research before he bought them. hmm, it sounds like he is into the wheel game with all those you name dropped. either way, it sucks for him. nice car tho. btw if he’s into the shoe game, i got some limited spongebob jordans im trying to get rid of.

  10. poor guy didn’t know it was fake. i just hope he didn’t pay the market value of regas for them. i say remove the stickers and rock it! the car looks great otherwise!

  11. even the lugs are fake. and on nwp his friend sez something about how long he took putting those stickers on…i’d say he knew. i don;t give a shit they’re rotas, but the stickers and muteki ‘neochro’ lugs are retarded. clean car otherwise.

  12. @jason, If Import Power House is so good at having rare jdm wheels why fake the funk? I’m sure they’re smart enough to know real Regas from fakes, if not they could always ask Big Chris.
    Its sad to see IPH go down this road since they’re pretty well liked and respected, I just hope they don’t try to rock other fake wheels. Afterall, they do have a huge “reputation” to uphold to in PHX, lmao!

  13. hmmm isnt kics and muteki under the same company?

  14. When are you gonna cut those rotamaster stickers Joey? I have a set of slipstreams waitin on them? 😛 Aside from those wheels, the car looks good!

  15. So I just happen to stop by IPH today you know the people who fake the funk LMAO and snap a few quick shots of well just some everday shit I see just laying around collecting dust no biggie I figure I’d show you guys.

    go there to see the pictures

  16. Damn man, what a way to start 2010 rofl

  17. lol funny stufff!

    Man, way to start off 2010…alota fake shit floating around….can’t buy from well known retailers, or da homie off the street. Damn. What to do….

  18. I called them out on a local az forum and got bashed, now i know lol..

  19. hahaha…good way to start the year.

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