Probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen…

If you guys took a look a couple posts back at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 coverage, you’ll probably at one point spotted a Honda NSX Super GT car constructed entirely of cardboard…yeah, cardboard. It doesn’t run or anything of course but it was actually assembled inside and out with cardboard and even has a cardboard skeleton….

Looks pretty sick right? Haha, almost looks exactly like the real thing. Sure it’s cool looking but if you saw it at the show, you would give it one look and go “oh wow, that’s neat” and then go on your way. What you may not know is all the hard work that went behind it. Phaze2 Tony posted this up on his Facebook and I took the liberty of trying to translate it to see what all went on in the process. The translation isn’t super good and I actually had to find a couple different translation sites before I could find one that worked. I guess Epson put this whole thing together by blowing up an 1/24 scale model and printing out each piece for assembly. Think of it as one of those old cardboard airplane models you got when you were a kid, just in actual life size….

I’ve linked the site below for you guys to look at and it’s the semi-translated version. It’s a bit hard to understand but you’ll get the jist of it just by looking at the pictures and the little blurbs they have below them. Stuff like this you won’t normally see in the US because we just don’t have the kind of creativity that the Japanese do, I’m serious. If Epson USA attempted something like this the company would go to Chapter 11 backruptcy and the whole staff would be out of jobs. There’s so much detail in this that it’s ridiculous to even see it attempted, much less pulled off. From reading it, the guys that put it together say that it was a lot harder than they thought it would be but the end result I think is definitely worth it. So take a look at the site, I guarantee it’ll be one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen…

Translated Version

Original Version

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  1. so when are they coming out with the kits? haha.

  2. thats wicked sick!!!!!

  3. what a big ass show room floor

  4. dude, those fools has way too much time! they should do a blog like stickdildojoe hehe

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  6. thats sick i wish i had a warhouse to bulid that


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