Store and new merchandise coming soon…

So after taking the advice from my buddy Jay over at JDMEGO, I’ve finally decided to have a more organized storefront for you guys that will make it easier for you guys to purchase Chronicles goods. It’ll be like actually semi-professional looking with a cart and shit. So I don’t get my orders mixed up and what not. Make sure to keep an eye out for that. I’ll have the new sticker design as well and I’m also gonna be making special “Wek’Fest Edition” stickers that will come in a special color for a limited time and will also be available for sale at the actual event.

I’ve also been completing some work for Honda Tuning as well so I apologize if you haven’t seen any major crazy updates and what not. Plus it’s been raining fucking crazy dog shits over here lately so I haven’t gone out to take any pictures or hang out with the homies. Stay tuned though, I’ll have more for you guys soon…

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  1. do what you got to do! ill always be hitting up this its finally in the works? lol

  2. Put me down for a t-shirt and a WekFest edition sticker

  3. I ordered some stickers a while ago…cant wait to get them!

  4. Awesome are you gonna make new T-Shirt designs? my old one is getting pretty worn out.

  5. Hey I will be at wekfest, I got to get some stickers from you so I can rock down here in Texas..Save a few for me 🙂 hahaha…Cant wait to see your online store…I will order stuff…

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