The Status of Sean…

Not much for you guys today, I’m actually working this week as well but either way, it’s been slow as hell lately. I did talk to Status Sean to day though. I know we were supposed to document his build but the guy has just been so ridiculously busy that we just haven’t had time to connect to get a solid amount of content to update you guys with. He’s busy putting the finishing touches on his new facility as well as running the marketing side for Status seats. To say that the guy has a full plate would be an understatement. He’s gonna try to get me a bunch of stuff this Friday though, so hopefully that works out and we can finally start documenting his Integra build. This thing is gonna be amazing, I’m telling you….he just has to come up with the time to show the world. Soon though, I’m crossing my fingers, soooooon….

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  1. Just yesterday I was wondering what had happened to this Integra.

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