Shirts this week!

What’s up guys, I’ve been working on stickers all week in preparation for Wek’Fest as well as doing stickers for a couple friends here and there. I’m just jumping on here real quick to announce that The Chronicles t-shirts will be available by the end of this week and will be available for purchase at this weekend’s Wek’Fest event. After that they will go up on the store. They’re limited in supply so grab these while you can!

Here’s preview of the shirts. They will be available in black or white and will come in sizes S-XL…

And the guys who purchased shirts before and they were sold out, don’t worry! I haven’t forgot about you guys, you guys will get your shirts ASAP once they come in…

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  1. Look Great Joey. I need to grab a medium from you before you leave Friday

  2. bring hem up north!!

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