Almost there…

Yes, there hasn’t been any updates lately. That’s because I’ve been frantically helping the homies get their cars and stuff ready for Wek’Fest. I’ve been making sure all the stickers they need are done as well as filling orders from the store. On top of that I’ve also been cutting a bunch of Wek’Fest Edition Chronicles stickers for the event itself. Hopefully people pick some of those up while I’m up there.

Make sure to look out for The Chronicles and by the Phaze2 cars. We should be in the center along with ATSxDPK and a bunch of the other Socal/Norcal heavy hitters. We might have like a small table or something there with Mikey’s stuff on display as well as Chronicles stuff. I might try to knock out that Rotamaster Emo wheel tonight so we at least have something out to make sure that you guys see us. If not, I’m sure you can ask around and people will direct you to the appropriate areas where we will be at. I know it’s gonna be pretty crowded in there but everyone kinda knows everybody and I’m pretty sure everybody can spot Mikey so ask around.

Other than that, everyone is trying to finish up their cars. Many of us would like to drive our cars up but with the impending rain on Saturday/Friday, it might just be safer for some of us to trailer so a lot of guys are frantically looking for trailer/truck combos so that they can have a safe journey up to Northern California. On that note, I’m gonna get back to working on stickers and stuff now. It’s gonna be quite a hectic day of running around. I also have to go pick up the shirts tonight too and am pretty excited about them. I hope they come out the way I designed them ….I guess we will wait and see. Talk to you guys this weekend…It’ll be nice to meet all the new faces and reconnect with some old ones…

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  1. see you up there mate!

  2. quick lil question for you, does ross still paint cars? i tried calling his shop number today and it was shut off?

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