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Umm, just a quick notice today… HellaSUNK stickers are currently out of stock. I’ll get them back up once my new shipment of vinyl comes in. All other orders placed before today are going out this week as I type this so expect those in the mail soon. The shirts are selling pretty well so if you guys want to grab those you should probably hop on that soon. Surprisingly the medium sizes are selling especially well. I made those not thinking anyone else would really wear those but me and some of my other homies but those are popular.

Other than that, got some photos to edit and what not.

I also got my new bumper in last week for my Q45. Hopefully get that thing painted up and repaired soon. I didn’t expect it to come in so soon from my importer but the dude has skills, what can I say….

The right side has some scuffs and the lip is kinda hanging off so that needs to be fixed. Apparently in Japan, whoever owned this bumper before just decide to ride the wall and scrape up the whole side. It’s cool that it’s the same OEM color as mine but that shit is gonna be repainted anyway. I’ve been looking for this bumper forever, I guess you can say it’s my “unicorn” of stuff I wanted for my car. Hope it looks good when it’s all said and done. Even came with fogs too so that’s an added plus. I don’t have to fork out like 300 dollars or whatever for that shit. The Wald kit I had on there now is gonna come off for the time being. This way I can go lower until I can finally afford air. Anyways, that’s about it for today…Back tomorrow…

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  1. so this is just going to be like a street duty type of thing until you get air and then the wald kit will be going back on? Or like you’re done with wald and this kit will be going on but you’re still going to be land cruising and not driving this sweet pimp mobile?

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