The one and only Nisei Import Showoff…is back…

I’m sure most of you have heard rumors and rumblings about it but it is indeed true; Nisei Import Showoff is back. One of the major contributing reasons to why last year was to be “the last one ever” was due to problems with location, meaning the lot that the show is held at every year was to be no more. The once empty parking-lot was bought out and they were gonna level it and build over it. Nisei just wouldnt be the same if it were at a different spot so that was gonna be it.

Here is what Ken had to say on the NWP forums…

Wow… news travels fast!!! We just confirmed this yesterday!!!!

As for Nisei 2010… YES its on!

City of LA is the current owner of the parking lot of the annual Nisei show. They sold it and the process was “pending sale” on that lot. We have been contacting them on a monthly basis and they have replied as “Its pending sale and all contracts and details will be signed on July 2010”. That did not leave us much time to confirm and put on a car show if its avail in July (only a month left to rush and put on show)

So we went backdoor stylee and found out who ended buying the lot… low and behold it was a Japanese business/organization (lucky!!!) and we contacted them and told them the situation. They were OK with us using the lot for this this year since the sale of lot is going down in July and the lot will not be demolished for August.

So its on! Tell your friends, your uncle, your momma that its on… spread the word – Thanks!!!

Registrations will be up soon.

I’ve been talking to Ken and he suggested that there be a section specifically for The Chronicles and the cars that have been featured on this site. It’s a flattering idea and it would be an honor to do something like that for what *might* be the last Nisei. Of course I’ll have Big Mike’s car in there and once I figure out the details then I’ll see who else to have in that section with us.

That’s about it for today, just wanted to give you guys the heads up who haven’t heard yet. Those of you who are looking for some added motivation for your builds this year, now you have it. Nisei 2010…the best of the best.

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  1. Maybe have a special shirt for the event or some lanyards and key chains?

  2. I will be there for sure!

    cant wait

  3. Hope to attend the next one! So excited!

    @Veks — Yes I agree!

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