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In my subpar attempt to actually bring you guys Honda news, here is a rendering of the new C-West kit that’s coming for the CR-Z. We can look at this two ways….1. I’m actually a very big fan of the new CR-Z or 2. Things have been kinda slow lately and I’m basically using this as a filler. Either way, here it is. I love seeing drawings like this. I once attempted to take an automotive design class at Art Center in Pasadena and we did exactly this, but as you can see, I am a writer now and not an automotive design major. Clearly, we can see that those classes were not money well spent. I mean I learned something and I definitely drew some cars, but I have the uncontrollable shakes and it makes it hard for me to even draw a straight line without totally fucking it up.

On another note, they’re also developing aero for the new Insight which is also pretty cool. You can do a bunch of shit to Insights and people will still have no idea what they’re looking at. It’s amazing. Maybe the addition of the C-West kit will get your friends and family members to stop asking you whether you enjoy your new Prius or not and if you’ve had problems braking at all. They look about the same, I’m just sayin’….

Enjoy the pics. Why was I on C-West’s website? I don’t know, stop asking me questions. I look at a lot of random things online…

Looks pretty mean. I like it…looks like they have Advan RG2 or something similar on there as well. Just imagine a couple years from now these cars are gonna be everywhere and all done up and cops can’t say shit to you cuz you’re driving a hybrid…

I actually had to look up pics of a stock Insight to see what they did. Looks good nonetheless….chances of seeing it in America? Ehhh….pretty unlikely.

I’d rock either one of them all day, kit or not…the 4-Runner I drive is neither a hybrid nor is it aerodynamic.

Image Source: C-West Japan

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  1. Still needs less front “Grill”

  2. The cr-z kit looks awesome. I’ll pass on the insight design.

  3. I’m really starting to want a cr-z hahaha. spoon’d out with the c west kit would be pretty sick. And like u said, no worries from the one time in a Hybrid

  4. U say we will probly never see it in America. But that was probly said back in the day about RHD mugen cr-x. People import crazy shit all the time, don’t see why hybrid parts are any diffrent. It wil be a big craze one day, like VIP odyssee(sp) and previas n shit

  5. Get this car Joey. It’s calling you. 

  6. Someone needs to do something with the CR-Z front end. Way too much air is getting under the hood. Someone who designs bodywork do the calculations and make the opening the correct size and take the unneeded air around the car.

    Whoever designed that for Honda hung out at the Shinagawa Aquarium’s manta ray tank too much.

    brian g

  7. I’m going to be at this one for sure this year!

  8. cr-z is tits

    i’m sure cops are still gonna get you for being too low, i’d sure wanna dump it.

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