Goodbye FD2 Type R…we hardly knew you…

They say all good things must come to an end but this seemingly came out of nowhere. With Honda taking the direction of being environmentally friendly and “green”, they have decided to end production of the 4-door Civic Type R by August 2010. Here in the U.S. we’ve barely started to get used to the idea of the U.S. Civics doing the full R conversions and now with their on the way to the can. What a shame…if there was ever a more attractive incarnation of the Type R, it would probably be the FD2 chassis. I personally loved this bodystyle R and all the new stuff that was coming out for it from J’s Racing and Feel’s, etc., etc…. Sucks that they’re not gonna make them anymore.

Official Press Release…

TOKYO, Japan, April 19, 2010 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will discontinue production of the 4-door Civic Type R at the end of August, 2010. A purist’s sports car featuring precisely tuned vehicle dynamics, the Civic Type R creates a unity between car and driver for exceptional driving pleasure. The first-generation model launched in 1997 and was produced at Suzuka Factory. The second-generation model following in 2001, was produced at Honda of the U.K. Manufacturing Ltd.* For the current, third-generation Civic Type R that was released in 2007, the production has returned to Suzuka Factory.

Type R models are specially tuned to take full advantage of the potential of the base model and provide a racing car-like driving feel. First offered on the NSX in 1992, the Type R range was added to the Integra in 1995 and to the Civic in 1997.


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  1. What? First news of Guru dying and now the FD2? This is a sad day. (I by no means mean to belittle Guru’s passing by comparing him to a car).

  2. What…

    I thought the FD2 was still gonna come to the US? I know it’s the Euro version, but still.

  3. Sounds like they’re making room for a CR-Z “Type R.”

  4. Bummer…this news and NWP server being down have made this a rather crappy day.

  5. Well this body style in general should be over with man. Ive actually been waiting for that so the price can drop and I can pick one up haha. So I am wondering if they are going to drop the ctr all together or just in this body style.

  6. Say it aint so…wonder what Honda has up their sleeves next..

  7. Awe that sucks that was one sweet ride.

  8. i guess owning a FD2 R or doing the conversion will be worth thousands decades from now IMO!

  9. It’s not like it was only around for two years, it was offered for 4 I think, same as the EK9.

  10. maybe this is due to the release of the civic type r euro in japan. a limited edition euro type r is set to be released in the fall, sales must be good.

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