Bid ol’ tiddies…

Oh forgot about some smaller announcements…

All sticker and merchandise orders have been packaged and sent out as of today. So if you guys haven’t received yours yet, it’s definitely coming. I’m all caught up on orders as of yesterday afternoon. If you happen to order late last night or early this morning, your’s will go out with the next upcoming batch. Shirts are still available too but certain sizes are starting to get a bit scarce so if you want a shirt, don’t hesitate and jump on that when you get the chance….

I’m sure most of you remember the Wek’Fest Edition Chronicles stickers. They were a custom black lettering on teal background and were only available for a limited time leading up to the actual Wek’Fest 2010 event. I’m gonna get into the habit of doing custom-themed stickers for all the major events of the year. Wek’Fest had the limited teal versions and I’m happy to announce now that Eibach Meet 2010 limited edition Chronicles stickers will also be available. By “limited edition”, I mean that they are different from the normal black and chrome and will be cut in special colors depending on the major event of the year. For the Eibach event, I will be cutting the original style Chronicles stickers in a very limited red chrome. This will be the first time that the OG Chronicles stickers have come in any color other than the original chrome/black.If you’re at all interested in those, keep an eye out at the storefront for those. Should have them up in a week or so. Just waiting on the red chrome to come in. Thanks everybody for your support which helps keep this site going and food in my mouth…I’m very grateful to everyone who has contributed in one way or another.

The annual Eibach Honda meet is actually not too far away. Damn, this year is moving by fast….

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  1. Fucking Puerto Ricans why are we always coming up with weird shit?

  2. Ill be picking those up…..

  3. in 10 years people are going to be selling OG Chronicles Stickers and have rota version replicas 😛

  4. Damn wish I didn’t miss out on the Wek fest ones

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