The future of NWP4LIFE and clearing the air on some misconceptions…

Site traffic has been crazy today and I’m pretty sure that it has to do with NWP4Life going down. When you try and attempt to log on, you’ll probably end up seeing this…

Yup, definitely not the NWP you’re used to seeing. That’s because the old forum is long gone…wiped-out, non-existent. Before we go into a widespread panic, don’t worry, NWP is definitely coming back. They’re actually in the process of transferring the data over a new server. How much actually makes it is left to be determined but from what I’ve heard, all the important stuff will make it. By important stuff, I’m talking about the 1600+ thread-jacking thread, haha. Honestly, I don’t know what’s gonna make it but I know they tried to keep the most important things. Obviously there will be some differences and some changes, but it’ll definitely be the NWP that we have all come to know and the transition to the new forum should be a smooth one. Give it a couple more days and it’ll be back in business. All that data takes time to transfer over and NWP is just something they do for fun, which means that people have real jobs too. They’re doing everything in their power to get everything operational, so please be patient. Meanwhile you guys can head over to the NWP Facebook page and chat it up. Once the new NWP forum is running, there will be an announcement made there as well as over here on The Chronicles. I have a vested interest in NWP because I’ve called it my internet home for a couple years now, back before the Honda-Tech guys jumped over and I also act as a moderator on there to help maintain order. I’m just as anxious as all of you are about the future of NWP. When I originally heard about the possibility of it being shut down a couple weeks ago, I was just as shocked as all of you were.

Now to clear some misconceptions and misinformation. I know there’s been heavy traffic to this site today because people want to know what’s going on but it’s also because there are some individuals on other forums who have absolutely no idea what happened but like to make shit up because they’re bored and misinformed. I’m sure there are alot of Honda-techers talking shit right now about the site going down and celebrating. I looked through some of the forum posts from other sites that have linked back over here and there is a lot of misinformed people out there. I also looked through the search section and saw someone had searched this…

You can see above that people have searched for NWP as well as “get a boner”, but there is also one where apparently someone thought that NWP got shut down because they were sued by Honda-Tech. NOOOOO…completely untrue. Only way NWP is linked to that whole Dustin Adler/Honda-Tech lawsuit is because it was running on Zeroforum software. Somebody on another forum explained it best…

“H-T used to run on the message board software called, ZeroForum. A simplistic software that was written from scratch by a man named Dustin. He and a guy named Mike worked together to build H-T years back. Back when it was called something other than

A dispute happened between them, what seemed like money was the ’cause. Dustin got dropped by Mike, even though Dustin written all the codes and such. At this point, Mike owned Honda-Tech.

After a little while, Mike sold H-T to IB/Internet Brands for some funds. Which IB then transitioned H-T to run from ZeroForum to vBulletin software.

Since there were people who hated the new H-T and whatever, thinking it’s a nazi forum and what not. Some moved onto NWP, which runs on ZeroForum, ’cause they love that ‘simplistic’ feeling of a forum.

With that said, Dustin has sued Mike. And there has been a conclusion to their case, which affects the RelyNet/ZeroForum software and its use.

Which should explain some stuff. And that’s about all that should be known.

Get it? What needed to happen was that NWP had to find a new server and new software to run and that’s the transition period that we’re all experiencing right now. Many of you visit NWP but often times don’t venture over to the lounge section. There was an announcement made about everything last week by Rodrez but I guess a bunch of you missed out. This was what was said…

“It’s with great regret that I post this. Anyone that knows me personally, knows how much I care about this site and the people that have helped to make it grow into such a comfortable place.
By now I’m sure that everyone has heard about the court case that took place between the creators of Honda-Tech, Zeroforums, and Rely net. Due to the outcome of the case, there’s a very good chance NWP will be shut down. Some of the other forums using the same software have already been deleted.
We’re doing our best to find a solution, but at this point, it’s not looking good. This post isn’t to stir up panic, but rather to inform our loyal users about what’s going on. Before the haters and naysayers try spreading rumors about NWP, I wanted to get the truth out. This has nothing to do with anything we didn’t do right, the site has been growing rapidly over the past few years and we couldn’t be happier. This site was never about making money, never about trying to be the biggest or most visited, it was more about having a relaxed atmosphere for enthusiasts to gather and share.

The zeroforums system, IMO, is the absolute best ever created for an automotive forum. It’s ease of use, user friendly interface, and simple moderating options are second to none. If we do in fact get shut down, just know that we’re doing everything we can to get back up and running. Look toward the NWP facebook account and The Chronicles for updates.
Please don’t PM with any questions, as I don’t have the answers to give you at this time.”

Now that that has been explained, let me comment on another post that someone made that is very misinformed. I’m not gonna post pictures of his car on here because I honestly don’t care for it, and the guy has already whored himself out all over the internet messageboards. He’s the owner of the orange EK Civic with all that random ass diffusers and shit on it. Anyways, he was banned almost a month ago because, well to put it best, he doesn’t know how to follow rules…

NWP has never been about making money. There are advertisers and such but that basically helps keep the site up and maintained. We (as the moderators) don’t really have a problem with people selling stuff. But there are simple rules to follow. SIMPLE RULES. You can’t be a business or small shop advertising on the classifieds without being a site “sponsor” because 1…it would clutter up the forums with shop posts, 2…businesses would basically be making money off the site by using it as an advertising tool for absolutely nothing, and that’s not what the site is about,  and 3)To keep the classifieds as clean and easy to navigate as possible, there was a specific rule where people should make ONE classified thread for all the items they were selling. If you posted multiple links when you could have just done one, it was deleted.

“SpecialK” was banned because he’s slow and has no concept of how to follow rules. And apparently he can’t fuckin read either. To say that NWP wanted to charge him $600+ dollars per year is ridiculous. He’s a small business even though he swears he isn’t, and the only time he ever posted on NWP was to sell his shit. Either that or it was to post “event coverage” where he basically posted 100s of pictures of his own car. If he didn’t want to be a site sponsor because he couldn’t afford it or didn’t want to, then it’s simple,…don’t sell shit and don’t post in the classifieds. Not only did he NOT follow directions, he continually posted his dumbass classified threads on multiple occassions. That bullshit was deleted and he was reminded to follow the rules. Like I mentioned earlier, he doesn’t know how to read. And he kept coming back after he was told specifically not to post his whackass shit for sale. I’m not saying he was warned just once or twice. Not even 5-6 times, not even 10 times but 14 FUCKING TIMES. You need to reevalutate your education when you get warned 14 times and then still attempt to post another 10 classified threads. The guy is clearly on some other world shit where he thinks he can do whatever he wants. So he was hit with the ban hammer and removed from the site. I mean, after 14 times, if you still don’t comprehend, you gotta go. Oh it didn’t end there either. Because as soon as he was banned, he went and signed up for another account right after he got notification that he got banned and the reason why he did. Hello? Are you fucking dense man?

I’m sure he’s gonna read this and the message is simple; you were banned because you don’t know how to read or follow rules. Don’t sell your shit on NWP. Before you try to pass on some misinformed bullshit, make sure you know who’s reading it. Go back to your Honda-Tech thread where nobody respects you and people just post up pictures of bitches and punk you when you post pictures of car in your own thread.

Shit is ridiculous man…it’s not that hard to follow simple instructions.

NWP was never about making money and it will continue to be that way. That’s the whole reason why the site has such a following and loyal members.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. NWP4LIFE is not dead, it’s just getting a makeover…it’ll be back in no time.

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  1. I just hope I can get on the new NWP at work! It was the only site I could get on!!! I’ll miss it if I can’t. It was for sure the best ever!

  2. hahahaha nice blast on that dude. he’s retarded….i hope the new nwp isn’t blocked. i got fucked cuz i could get on h-t, but not nwp before 🙁

  3. Patiently waiting.

    And at least SpecialK got the “Special” right…

  4. Good to hear NWP is already making the moves and seem to progressing smoothly! Man its going to be hard to adjust, ZeroForum was such of ease to use forum system thingy ma jingy. And fuck that nigggga specialk..even though i cant see non of the screen shots at work!!! FUCK HIM AND EAT SHIT OUT OF MY BUTT!! BAY AREA GOT NWP’s BACK. HELLA!

  5. Always informative Joey, Can’t wait for Eibach and NWP to back and up!

  6. Cant wait till its back up even though i did get some extra work done lol

  7. awesome. this is all i wanted to read. thank youu!

  8. NWP = No Wealthy Pockets, 14 warnings and you still dont get the point? Thats plain embarrassing.

  9. Joey i love how you put things!!!! hahaha.

  10. I’ll be seating tight and wait for the new renewed and better NWP! Keep me on the loop guys!


  11. Preach on brotha, hope the site is up soon, im bored at work

  12. lovin the new banner diljoe!

  13. I can’t wait for the new NWP. I have been on there for 1yr already and consider it my new home. I am on tons of forums,but NWP is the only one I love being a part of!!

  14. cant we just have a nwp meet at nwp already!

  15. It’s funny how haters want the demise of NWP… sad bastards.

  16. Why is VWVortex still running zeroforum?

  17. Man this was very well put, I heard about this from BrandonRyan over at JDMdecals and he told me to read the post by Rodrez right before the site went down. So I knew what to tell everyone around here that visits the forums daily.

  18. thanks stickydiljoe for the info! cant wait for nwp to go back. club4ag is also down. the only two sites i regularly go on hopefully gets back up soon.

  19. OMG, I just realized what the banner was. This just made my day and I will do a screen shot of that.

  20. SpecialK is just butt hurt that everyone was clowning on his car.

  21. poor poor mr. david, just got blasted by stickydiljoe!

  22. If you don’t mind, I added you one of my links on the side.

  23. Nothing of value was lost. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    When we lost the OG HT is when something of somewhat value was lost, all the memories all the good threads and all the legit members.

    Remember kids, it’s only the Internet.

  24. Very true Shawn,Shaun,Sean! =p

  25. welcome back NWP!!! and that specialK guy is a retard…posting like 50 threads in the classified…(exaggerated…but its probably double digit). since i joined NWP when honda-tech made the changeover to vbulletin, i’ve never heard anything about nwp making money from any members.

    thanks for the update though joey!!! glad everything worked out and nwp is back up!

  26. that fag special k had his orriginal thread deleted since he didnt like the negativity. so here is the link for the new thread. continue on with the bashing and talking about banging his sister.

  27. Wow! just read some of the comments from some of the most well known and respected people wishing you luck! I’m also hoping for your comeback soon. Looking for a Type – R and or parts.

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