Back for the first time…

Well it was a fairly quick transition and we’re still working out all the kinks but NWP4LIFE is now officially back. Thanks to Dustin for getting everything up and running again….

Allow Rodrez to re-introduce you to the forum…

“We’re back. Not at 100% yet, but we’re working on it. A big thank you to everyone that’s supported the site, thank you to Dustin for his hard work, and a huge middle finger to those that tried to bash the site through it’s short lived tough time. We’re back.”

A majority of the old data amd threads should resurface fairly soon so please try to take it easy with the thread creating and posting. If your thread is gone or you haven’t been able to find stuff, well it should be obvious to you by now that there’s a chance it’s getting moved over or it wasn’t carried over because other more important data had to be saved. There is still much that needs to be done but for now, head over there and enjoy the new place. I’m sure most of you have had withdrawals by now…


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  1. DAMN I can’t get on it from work!!!!!!!!

  2. finally gonna make an account

  3. nwp is a drug for me. I got have!

  4. thanks for all the hardwork rodrez and everyone.

  5. good ish yall! looks great.

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