Eibach week!!…

Let the mayhem begin!…oh man, so much to do this week with Eibach this weekend. Honestly I didn’t even expect it. Shit has been hectic the last couple months and Eibach kinda just creeped up on all of us. I’m pretty excited about this event as I’m sure all of you are as well. This might be the biggest and best of all time so be prepared to see some of the best Hondas in the country in one place at one time. Usually when events like this happen we got a lot of guys from all over coming out to visit so it’ll be good to meet new faces and get reacquainted with the old. I’m gonna try my best to capture even more pics of the people involved in the community and not just the cars. Hopefully everyone lets me know when they’re gonna be out here so I can adjust accordingly and make time to hang out with everyone. I’m pretty loaded up with actual work for the next day or so as well as cutting the rest of the stickers for everyone so if you don’t hear from me, just trust that I’m working hard and getting everything ready.

Also have to talk to Ken Myoshi this week about Nisei Import Showoff. He wanted to work on something special for The Chronicles for the event in August so we’ll see how that goes once I figure everything out….busy busy….but time for bed for a change. Been driving all over Socal this weekend…Happy Mother’s Day to all your mothers, and of course to mine….belated but it’s the thought that counts, not that I think you guys want me to get to know your mothers or anything. Time to knock the fuck out….

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  1. PG+K flying out at 3pm from ATL. woot woot!!!

  2. Im pumped for this. Flying out from PA for it with my dad haha. We needed a vacation. It’ll be cool to meet everyone.

  3. sucks i’ll be on the other coast this weekend which means i’ll be missing the largest honda gathering of 2010. i expect awsome coverage as usual from you man and gl with all the preparations prior to it. stickers are looking great!

  4. See you guys there. Driving 12hrs for Eibach.

  5. Sucks for me too. I’ll be driving 30 mins.

  6. im flying in from Rhode Island its gonna be my first time to California. Cant wait to see what Eibach is all about! is there going to be any pre parties or anything?

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