Today we remember…

It’s exactly a year ago today when we lost our friend Armando Flores Jr. 365 days later, I still find it hard to muster up the right words to say to truly do this man justice. I can’t sit here and tell you that he and I were very close or that we were the best of friends but the times I had with him, I will never forget. I have a connection with him in that we both share the same wonderful group of people that we both consider our dearest friends. I will never know Armando the way they knew him but for me, he continues to live everyday in their eyes. I have been fortunate enough to know these people and have them tell me the stories of this man who they cherished so deeply. Since his passing, I have had the great pleasure of meeting his father and simply talking to him and feeling his positive energy is a reminder of the influence his son left on everyone that cared about him. It warms my heart to see that he is living life through his son’s eyes and experiencing everything as if his son were still with us. If anything, I have only grown closer to my friends and realize that every moment we spend together is every bit as important and the best memories I have of them. Thank you Armando Flores Jr., for living your life the only way you knew how and leaving your best moments in the hearts and minds of the people you loved. Today we not only live life in your memory but we celebrate the life that you have lived…

A son, a brother, and a true friend to all…

May 11th, 2009, we will never forget.

Armando Flores Jr.

Rest in Peace.

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  1. the year has flew by, RIP. i still have the sticker too.

  2. rest in peace brother. I truly do miss you man!!!!!

  3. Thank you for your kind words brotha. He has impacted my life along with many others. He was by myside along my entire build and soon enouh I’ll be doing what was planned… He lives forever in my heart. Watch over us on our daily grind as I would do for you. I love you.
    Rest In Paradise Coke In A Can

  4. Damn i remember seeing this on NWP thats crazy seems like it was just yesterday. RIP ‘Coke in a Can’

  5. My best friend passed away on 3/27/10 and I know how everybody who knew Armando must feel/felt. You guys all have my sympathies.

  6. Still hard to believe after one year… as I was talking to my friend, Denise, Time doesn’t heal all wounds, only a reminder to how long they’ve been physically gone. One year, Brother, One Year and I still remember our talks and hangouts like it was yesterday… Not only was he a friend, but a father figure to me when I had none. Thank you for everything, Armando. I am forever grateful.

    Rest in Paradise Coke in A Can x 1032 x Fuck Your Life

    Armando Flores Jr.

  7. thank for this joey, means a lot man. and ur right words cant describe him. but if i had to sum it up it would be awsome, always there, and full of life. i love u mondo, think of u everyday brotha

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