Well this is ANHteresting…

I sit here today, speaking to you proudly like a father with a newborn in his hands…oh man…it is going to be quite a month for Hondas in magazines. I mean, every month is great (obviously), because I and many others in the industry work our asses off month after month to bring you the best reading material on earth. We’re not slacking here, but this coming month…oh man..I can honestly say that I am excited about it. In Super Street, we have a dual cover feature with Ryan Der’s Civic and Anh Truong’s DC. Both of these guys are from ATS*Garage and couldn’t be happier sharing the cover with one another. Anh’s been following The Chronicles for a long time so it’s good to see him getting the spotlight. Not only has he followed my random ramblings here but I also had the pleasure of writing up his feature for Super Street. I also wrote Ryan’s of course, and it was cool to learn more about the build because other than running into it at events, I hadn’t really taken a close look at it. Both are deserving of the cover for Super Street’s annual “Honda Issue”. The magazine is completely loaded with Honda content so it’s definitely worth it to fork out the loot for it. I’m saying this purely as a fan of the magazine and Hondas in general. Super Street doesn’t pay me to say this stuff nor would I think that it would be in their budget for me to plug their shit, haha. It’s just a great issue. It also marks my debut as a feature photographer. Now I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am no pro and I don’t even consider myself to be a photographer. I just do that shit for fun. So when Jonathan Wong hit me up to go shoot Bisimoto’s Wagovan, I was kinda nervous about it. Well, after it’s all said and done, I’m still unsure on whether or not I’m happy with how the pics came out. I guess it’ll all depend on how it looks in the magazine. It either came out pretty decent or it’s an outstanding failure that will make you throw your copy of SS away. Either way, we already got your money so it’s okay…ha. Just check it out, if the pics are kinda whack, at least you can read the article on it. I’m not photographer but I like to think of myself as an okay writer. I mean, it’s been putting food on my table for the past 3 years so I must be doing something right…

Now of course, the Super Street Honda Issue is coming out and I am excited about it, but what makes this coming month EVEN BETTER, is that the new Honda Tuning that is coming out is also the shit. Not only is Rodrez doing an awesome job at the helm, but this coming issue will feature non-other then a very good buddy of mine and someone whose car has probably become quite familiar to you guys. The car I’m speaking of is the final Phaze2 car to make it into a mag and that is Tony Khamly’s Sorcery NSX. This completes our stable and I wouldn’t have it any other way than to close it out with the NSX. I had a chance to see the preview of the layouts last week at the Source Interlink office and it came out great. It’s got this whole central red/black look to the issue and it looks amazing. I was thoroughly impressed by it and I can’t wait for it to hit newstands. Rodrez himself said that he was gonna send some teaser shots over to me so I can get it up on the site here so you guys can get an early look at it. I’ll try to get that up for you guys this weekend.

So Super Street Honda Issue and Phaze2 NSX in Honda Tuning this coming month, pick that shit up and read for once in your life!! I lose sleep to make sure you guys have quality stuff to look and read through when you pick up your favorite automotive publications! Save the magazine industry and pick these up!

This shit is gonna be so great that I might even go buy some myself! Apparently they’re out in Norcal already but if you don’t see them, it’s probably because Anh bought every copy in existence up there…

Cop that shit!!!

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  1. CongrATS to Anh and Ryan both. I’ll be in search of my issue this weekend.

  2. As always, good stuff! *thumbs up* I’ll have to pick up a copy of Super Street this week.

  3. I look forward to getting both issues.I can’t wait to see the final outcome of your work homie!

  4. I will be buying both issues as well as the new Dsport mag because Ats*Ben is in it!!!!!!

    congrATS to my fellow Mircle Whipers!!!!

  5. You never seize to fail me and always have great things to share. Congrats to all the features and to you on your first of many photo shoots.

  6. Super Street all Honda Issues are always the best! I cant wait to get pick up a copy! Bisi’s wagovan is so sick I dont think anyone could take a bad picture of that masterpiece! Congrats on both your articles and your photography features!! I wouldnt be surprised if you ended up running SS or HT one day! Great job!!!!

  7. CongrATS to Anh and Ryan both on a well deserved feature. I’ll be hunting down my copies this weekend.


  9. Not only am I’m on SS’s cover, but my name is in lights on stickyiljoe.com posting!

    Thanks for the warm and kind words!

    Your “1st” was well, not a 1st for me after seeing your photo work and writing skills! THE WORLD needs to see and read what you have to offer!

    BTW, my wives name is spelled EACHAN, not EACHON, and she wants to speak with you 😛 You sure got your dues right! LOL

  10. I’m pretty sure your photography skills are not bad at all. Looking forward to see your pictures and of course for the Honda Tuning issue coming up.

  11. too bad the integra isnt rhd, that pic would look great with two steering wheels in it haha.

    definitely going to pick up a copy.

  12. i think SS should get rid of charles and hire you full time instead!!!

  13. Just got my issue. Congrats to everyone!

  14. i need to get my damn copy already!!
    my area doesn’t have them out yet and i’m hoping its out real soon.
    anyways looking foward to reading the article Joey.

    Props on all the things are you doing for the HONDA community and i’m sure you will be moving up to where you want to be real soon without a doubt.

    congrATS to my famz looking bad as fuck on that SS cover and to the others featured in it aswell !!

    also props to the Phaze2 NSX for holding it down on the HT feature..

  15. FRED BUILT in the HOUSE!


  16. I think I may be one of the biggest domestic driving, import fans out there. Well, as long as they sit right, look clean. Thanks for doing what you do Joe, always been a fan of your blog & work. Later.

  17. I need to pick up a copy of this, lol. Always, great work Joe.

  18. Thanks for the love Joey, and great job on the articles, especially with such a short deadline!

    I bought all the remaining copies at the local Barnes and Noble, and even bought a copy off at a gas station at the Lost Hills exit off I-5 yesterday, LOL..

  19. Havent been able to find a copy yet 🙁

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