Exclusive Content…A first look at the upcoming issue of Honda Tuning…

Today we’re gonna take a first glance at the new issue of Honda Tuning. Of course you have all heard about this from me already and it’s a significant issue for me and the rest of the Phaze2 guys because one of our very own, Tony Khamly, will grace the cover. You have all seen the NSX out and about at events for the last year or so and it’s definitely deserving of all it’s praise. It is also very special to us since this NSX was the labor of love/love child of Tony and Ross at Midnight Garage. Ross put this car together with Tony and did all the paint and bodywork on it. Now that Midnight Garage is gone, it’s good that we still have this NSX to remember all the good times we had over there. I have so many great memories with this car, from putting Tony putting on the supercharger and then driving to Norcal immediately after, all the awards and accolades it has received at shows, and just cruising around alongside it. It has become a staple in the Socal Honda community and we all couldn’t be happier to see finally immortalized in print. I had a chance to see the layout of the issue a couple weeks ago at the Source Interlink office and it looks amazing, so I can’t wait for you all to see it. Until it hits the newstands in a week or so, Rodrez has been kind enough to pass these images onto me to show all of you. It’s just a quick teaser of what’s to come…thanks for looking and make sure to grab the issue when it comes out!…Support Hondas, support magazines, and support Phaze2 and The Chronicles!!

You know the routine…click on the link below each pic for the larger version…

Larger Version (1400×907)

Larger Version (1440×991)

The clouds are real!

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  1. damn the shots look good!!!!! I cant wait to get my issue!!!!! much love to all that made this ride what it is today!!!!

  2. Im so happy for Tony..imma have him autograph my copy! 🙂

  3. WOO HOO!!! I can’t wait, Congrats Tony!

  4. tony’s had a few mag features before but never on hondatuning nor the cover! good ish mang and congrats!

  5. It kills me that he hasn’t fabricated a front undertray yet. I can’t stand seeing ground through a front bumper.

  6. Cant wait for my issue to show up in the mail.

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