Amuse S2000 rips it…

Man, watching these old Best Motoring videos is cool and all but it’s also a sad reminder that some of these great tuning legends aren’t around anymore. I was checking out Vol. 32 and couldn’t help but notice Hideki Tanabe of the famed Powerhouse Amuse. As you all know (or not), Tanabe passed away sadly last year around September after battling an illness. The man created absolutely wonderful works of art and the Amuse S2000 is definitely one of his finest works. Many of us stateside probably only know it for the crazy widebody aero and aesthetics but this thing fucking rips!…oh man, just watching this quick video will give you an idea oh how fast and completely functional it was. It’s amazing…Now I can’t show you the whole video of course because I’m sure my ass would get into trouble for it but they actually have the J’s Racing S2000 in the same race and it gets pretty interesting. While most of the drivers assumed that the Amuse S2k would be all over the J’s car, The yellow J’s S2K actually held it’s own and with a 4.3 final drive, it was actually somewhat quicker than Tanabe’s car on the straights. Funny part of the video was that they were interviewing both the owner of J’s and Tanabe together and they were joking around that they hated eachother and both men kinda kept their mouths shut. It’s an interesting video and I highyl recommend you guys buy it or download it or something. Anyways, here is the Amuse car on it’s initial run…

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  1. i love these videos. i stay on gtchannel all day and night.

  2. RIP Tanabe-san

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