First look at the “Championship Edition” Chronicles sticker…

Purple chrome vinyl finally came in today and I had a chance to finally put the “Championship Edition” stickers that many of you pre-ordered. I love how they came out…the purple chrome on gold chrome looks crazy and it’s probably gonna be one of the few times I cut them this way. If you still want one, grab them now…gold chrome is kinda scarce right now so once this first batch are gone it would take a couple weeks until I can get a hold of some more gold…Thanks to everyone for their continued support…

The Chronicles Storefront

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  1. just ordered mine cant wait.

  2. Make a FIFA USA one if they win!

  3. To whom it may concern;
    What does it take fo get on the list to get one of those decals? I’m very interested. Please e-mail me back.


  4. still got stickers on hand?

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