…is pretty much all I can say. They say that pictures say a thousand words but in this case many of the words are probably questions. I have a vested interest in this car because I’m a huge fan of the new Civics with the FD2 conversion and I am an even bigger fan of Sam’s Civic from AS1. The combination of parts he has makes it pretty much one of a kind, and apparently, it was so unique and shocking that some asshole that wasn’t paying attention to the road decided to drive into Sam’s car and proceed toroll over on it’s side in the process…

I’ve been keeping a close eye on this build since the very beginning and it was very promising. I liked it so much that it’s even on the banner of The Chronicles. It’s a shame that he finally makes it onto the site and then this happens but hey, I guess it’s just one of those freak things that you can’t avoid. I talked to Alexisthewitnessatthescene and he told me that this fuckin guy wasn’t paying attention when he was making a turn and swerved to avoid another car and subsequently hit the Civic and then toppled over. It’s definitely a strange picture and I’m sure everyone on Sunset Blvd. was in shock. How a Jeep randomly rolls over after sideswiping a parked car I will never know, but apparently the impact was enough to push Sam’s Civic forward about a foot and curbing the wheels in the process. Luckily he didn’t have his Spoon Sports bumper on and there wasn’t another car in front of him for him to hit, or else the car would have been double fucked. It woulda been a full on DP session….

As you can see the damage is pretty significant. I say it looks close to, well….a fucking Jeep hitting it. Alex’s custom re-barrelled Mugens are bent up, rear quarter is probably gonna have to be cut out and replaced and Alex even told me that there might be frame damage. Everything else is replaceable of course and the wheels will need some refinishing and a new barrel, but the possibility of frame damage is what might ultimately kill this project. Hopefully the frame is fine and Sam can just get this thing repaired. I’d hate to see it parted out, it had so much potential you know?…

Man, it’s crazy how these accidents happen. You can’t even park your car on the street anymore without some shit like this happening…I’ll try to keep you guys updated if I hear anything. I’m sure the guys will pass on the news when they get more information and when the damage is assessed from a professional… =(

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  1. dannng that sucks. I think I saw this at buffalo wild wings not too long ago. Helluh cleannn

  2. that fuckin blows. my friend has the same FA5 conversion (CSX Type-S) and within a couple of weeks of completing it had some total retard hit him in the SAME location while parked on the street. IRONY! same car, same spot, same damage. i know it’s pretty extreme but this is why i NEVER parallel park my car on the street. its almost to the point that if you have anything of value, you literally can’t take it out due to the number of idiots on our roads. i hope your homey gets this all sorted out, it was a beautiful build.

  3. Damn that sucks. Such a bad ass car!

  4. Get the fuck outta here… I feel bad for Sam! I’m glad everyone was ok and no one was injured. And HOPEFULLY there is no frame damage and Sam can just get it fixed and come back even harder.

  5. OMG . this aint ganna stop me from completing my car ! thanks joey for posting this . In the begginning i want to sell this vehicle . But this post made me change my mind and motivated me to continue and come out harder . Thanks AS1 Family and everybody for texting and calling to help me .

  6. shit is crazy…..im glad that the little homie sam wasnt hurt but for real….shit is unbelievable!!!!!!

  7. Amazing car…i feel for the owner. And im pretty sure the jeep drove over of the tire of the civic, flipping it, idk epic fail. At least the jeep couldnt run like the one that hit me

  8. Dude i wonder how much its gonna be to fix the wheels…

  9. Wow, just amazing how things like this happen to some of the cleanest cars around.
    Hopefully there’s no frame damage.

  10. Fackkkk sorry too hear about Sam’s occurrence, hopefully everything is as fixable as you say! Can someone answer the question of weather this car is regularly on Sunset BLVD parked there? I swear when I came too Cali a couple months back I saw the same car parked there, one of the few completely to the nines imports I saw at all on the whole trip thats why it stood out. I believe he had his Spoon bumper on though. Heres a link to the image I managed to snag when I passed by, totally random…..


    Confirm or deny….I would assume it is considering the unique parts list on the car….and the fact that it is in the same spot in my picture as it is on the homepage.

  11. Well I can tell you from a body mans side of it that there is no frame damage. Suspension for sure and 1/4 replacement. Sux man shit looked clean.

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