800+ for the haters…

Got a text from Sheepey aka Alex Soto yesterday that he was heading over to Bisimoto to get his drag hatchback tuned. Of course, I can’t sleep for shit so I didn’t get to bed until 7-8am or so and totally missed the text. I woke up and looked at my phone and realized that he was already over there and I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t make it out to see this thing on the dyno. Luckily Bisi was able to capture the final run on video where it made over 800 horsepower at around 30psi of boost…The graph is below and make sure to check out the video that’s posted. There are a lot of guys out there that doubted Sheepey’s car could produce these kinds of numbers but here’s the proof for all of them to see…enjoy…

Video of the final run…Bisimoto Dynapack 3000…

Sheepey himself…

Its within 5 hp of Bubbas dyno from what I did on spring pressure with lots of fuel!Bobby and everyone else couldnt have done it without great homies like yall!

Big Mike thank you for sharing the lunch with me, those fries wer bomb homie!!

For Bisi and Hedi, straight up nothing what I expected! They are awsome fucking people and Bisi does not fuck around on the dyno. I ran into some small issues where I was ready to just call it quits but the guy has such love for it all helped me work the bugs out. Considering its a damn drag car he still tuned every 1k rpm to 6k being actual boost runs!

We then inspected the plugs to make sure if the tune was really what the ECU was saying and man they looked perfect! We tuned spring pressure which is 14 psi, 20 psi and 31 psi was the end. This turbo will max out around 45ish with the boost duty cycle only ending 30 percent!

I couldn’t be happier with the results! We’re going to go testing and get some seat time before we up the boost even higher.”

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  1. NUTS! JUST NUTS! 800 anything is nice 😛

  2. COngrats brotha…

  3. Woo hoo I made the chronicles! Jk, good job alex! This thing is as if beauty and the best had a love child!

  4. That is just dope shit right there man!

  5. yeah, 800hp ain’t nutthing to fuck with. *hats off*

  6. It ain’t 800 horsepower. It’s 800 wild sheep power. baaaaHAAAAA!

  7. gangsta! My first post on your blog, but ive been a follower for some time now haha

  8. wow this is awesome congrats!

  9. I remember when his car was the cover for honda tuning. That thing is a beast. Can’t wwait to see it in the track.

  10. I’m still looking forward to track times.

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