Special delivery…

So I was talking to Rodrez one day and he told me that someone had sent like some anonymous letter to me to the Source Interlink offices. I’m sure there’s a couple people out there who would love to send a turd or something in the mail for me but he told me he received the same package. He opened it up and inside was a bunch of stickers that I’m sure some of you guys had a chance to encounter at Eibach 2010. They’re the public announcement stickers denouncing the fake/counterfeit shit that exists in our industry. I guess whoever the mysterious “Mr. Thumb” is saw some of my posts regarding my feelings on people who rock counterfeit parts. The letter goes on to say that I’ve been deputized as a member of the NoFakeSh*t Polish, which is kinda interesting…haha…

Here’s all the stickers that came in the envelope. They’re pretty cool and I’ve seen them passed out by various people at events and that’s what the letters asks to do as well. The more we get the word out on this the better. I have a bunch so I’ll probably start handing them out if I remember to bring them to events. For now, I’ll just toss a couple in for people that purchase stuff from The Chronicles Storefront. If you guys see me at events and you want some, just ask. I might have some with me.

Pretty cool idea to do this, it’s almost like V for Vendetta type of shit. Haha, like there’s a mysterious NoFakesSh*t vigilante out and about trying to rid the world of counterfeit goods…awesome…I don’t whose behind it, and I actually think I might have a pretty good idea who, but it’s definitely a good thing. Props to you “Mr. Thumb”


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  1. hey joey,

    Im all the way over here on the east coast(Virginia), reading your site. If you want, you could send some of those stickers to me, and I will pass them out for you here. I love your site, and Im rocking a classic Chronicles sticker on my Element. If you want some low-res pics I can send them to you..

    keep up the good work.


  2. Now, I agree with this to a point. I mean, if you’re buying a rip-off Skunk 2 manifold or something, and you know it’s fake, you kind of deserve to be called on it. But if you put Rotas on your car because that’s all you can afford, then I have no issue with that. But really I look at it like, it’s not my car, and the owner can put whatever he wants on it. At least he’s part of the tuning community.

  3. Ummm… I don’t know who this dude is commenting above me but that not me. But I do agree.

    • I completely understand, trust me, if it were up to me things would be different. I don’t however, want people thinking that whoever said those previous comments above is actually you. That would just be confusing so I trashed them. From what it looks like, it’s two different people posting as you sir! haha

      • I’m sorry but I didn’t mean JDM Ego literally (not trying to pose as dropjay); I meant it figuratively, as an enthusiast who refuses to support or condone all forms of fake shit, from “underground” knockoffs of Skunk2 products to industry condoned knockoffs from Seibon to NRG (to I’m sure I’m missing a few other companies).

  4. Send some my way Joey hehe I have a bunch of those in my drawer.

  5. wow those are nice stickers, haha send me some. would love to rock some of those here in the Philippines.

    i read your blog like the bible. keep up the good work bro.

  6. It’s really bad when a part you have saved up for gets copied and gets mass produced.

    Send some my way, My friends and I would love to rock that here in the Philippines where 80% of the people here rock fake shit.

    Been reading your blog like the bible. keep it up sir.

  7. this will put allot of liars to silence. making them fear a simple unexpected sticker.

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