I’m just gonna leave this here…

A little birdie passed this on to me…and man oh man, it is pretty interesting

I’m sure many of you who followed the Spocom coverage on other sites saw this immaculate gem of a vehicle. From the paint matched bike rack, to the tv mounted directly over the exhaust, it is quite the “show car”….

Normally I’m pretty outspoken and would have some interesting things to say about it…but I think your own opinions when you see the above picture and the link below will suffice. Anybody that has been involved in the scene since the late 90s will know who Team Hybrid is….*ahem* again, I’m gonna be diplomatic this time and let you guys form your own opinions =D

I’m just gonna leave this here…

Link to Hybrid forums…

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  1. probably spent more money on the stickers then he spent on the motor!

  2. I dunno a thing about Team Hybrid but that shit’s disgusting.

  3. No, someone did not just frisk some clothing over Mikey’s car.

  4. Interesting, I see a red valve cover-must be JDM!! hehe

  5. Where’s the cotton in the wheel wells?

  6. ooo man its like someone from the import scene of 1995 is trying to catch up with the trends of today =\i’m surprised team hybrid actually is excepting this guy…well hopefully the guy has an open mind and lets the other members completely re-do his car. If not…then that thing needs to go back to Battle of the Imports 1995.

  7. That thread is proof that you can buy your way into Team Hybrid, even with a piece of pewp like that

  8. holy crap i dont know if anybody else noticed but he had a ek with eg side mirrors….

  9. That thing is begging for a Black widow body kit I hope it had neons. Reminds me of the Ractive Civic from their ads in the 90’s. Wow hard to believe everything that’s on that car was popular at one point, maybe that’s what he was going for. Maybe one day in the future someone will put up a car with a shaved and tucked bay, low offset wheels and and The Chronicles stickers in every color of the rainbow.

  10. holy shit its the 90’s all over again, team hybrid must be getting desperate to take shit like that, oh wait it is team hybrid lol. i mean im all for people doing what they want with their car but christ allmighty thats just some ugly shit.

  11. Joey, you’ve should of interviewed him and do a full feature on the car!

  12. This needs to be crushed in a junkyard. BARF*

  13. signal auto! lol

  14. damn.. that shits old school!

  15. That’s very…….yellow. :-O

  16. Holy crap he is from Fresno…..

  17. someone needs to start a “save a honda” foundation…

  18. I just read the post on Team Hybrids site and I feel bad for this guy, all excited. Its like homeboy had a vision and stuck to his guns yet never made changes to the evolving trends. Don’t get me wrong this ish it back in my time, but DANM I bout threw up in my mouth 3 times after seeing this! I agree with Thuts, “Save a Honda Fondation” needs to be started and introduced to this young lad.

    Peace-Love-and Chicken Adobe Grease

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