Super Street presents…FF Battle 2010…

Last year, I had a chance to go out to the first ever Super Street FF Battle and give you guys a glimpse of a track event where they set out to find the best street/race front wheel drive Honda. It was quite an experience and Sportcar Motion eventually took the crown of being the FF Battle champion. It’s time for the 2nd annual event and the Super Street staff has changed up a couple things this year to make things just a little more interesting…

The competition will be sponsored by General Tire once again but Super Street has really taken to the “street-prepped” side of it and no longer allow full race cars to compete in the event. This makes things a little more competitive and no one single car, in theory, should dominate the rest of the class like Sportcar did last year. They have a whole new roster of guys this year to run and one of the main rules is that the car must be road legal and still be capable of being driven on the street. They also won’t have one designated driver like last year with Andy Hope. This year, you either drive your own car, or you find your own driver. SS has also included a new drag race element to the competition where people who participate in the event will go to Irwindale Speedway for an 1/8 mile run. Scores will be based on overall lap times, drag race E.T., and best dyno run…

The event will start this Thursday (July 29th) and go on until Saturday where it will end with a meet that everyone is welcome to attend at California Speedway. Here is how the schedule will look…

Thursday July 29th -(4pm-10pm) The dyno session will occur during the day time but is a private event and not open to the public. After that has completed, competitors will make their way to Irwindale where the 1/8th mile drag race will occur. This is the only portion of the event that isn’t free and spectators will be responsible for parking fees and getting into the event.

Friday July 30th – (9am-5pm) Friday will be the start of the competition at California Speedway. If you would like to attend, please come out. It is free and you simply drive into California Speedway, park at the designated lot where FF Battle is taking place, and you can enjoy the time attack runs.

Saturday July 31st – (9am-3pm) Day 2 of the competition at Cali Speedway where a meet will also take place from 10am-2pm. The meet, like the event, is free of course, so spread the word and tell everyone to come out. Everybody loves meets so tell your buddies to bring their Hondas out and chill. There will also be HPDE races that day as well as the FF Battle.

The winner of FF Battle will get a feature in Super Street magazine and everyone else will also have a post-event recap featurette in the mag.

I personally will be out there to check it out. From the looks of the cars that are competing this year, it’ll defintely be interesting to see who takes it all. There are quite a few cars on the list that you might think would just be show cars but these guys are out there to run and beat on their Hondas. If you have the time, come out and experience the 2010 FF Battle with us.

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  1. Man, wish I could fly out for this! looking forward to the coverage Joe!

  2. Neat! Can’t wait to see your coverage of this event..

  3. it will be a fun weekend of cars stuff

  4. irwindale drag strip is down the street from my house. good event to see.

  5. Ill be there in the sidelines should be fun….

  6. I’ll wish be there… waiting for the coverage 🙂

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