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Just a remind to everyone that FF Battle is this Friday and Saturday. The dyno portion is today but that is a private event so you guys won’t be able to see these cars run just yet. I’m actually gonna head out in the morning so I’m actually gonna try to sleep early for a change.

Other than that, just a quick update for you guys. I had a chance after the Stance:Nation shoot to go take some pictures of Linda from Team Praxis’ Toyota Matrix. It’s not a Honda, I know, but it’s definitely a cool build. It’s complete and the paint and bodywork on it is flawless. I didn’t get that many pictures that night because a cop kindly showed up and I wasn’t really in the mood to shoot with him just parked in the lot where we were at, even though he was actually a nice guy. You’ve probably seen some pics that I shot before at the same spot, it would be much nicer if there weren’t so many fuckin lights and shit there. Oh and there was also like some couple in their car that night while I was taking pictures. Must have been two people having some kind of strange illicit affair to be meeting up at a train station to mess around. These two were like mid-20s-30s already, fuck, get a hotel room. Don’t beat the dude off at the train station damn…anyways…pics…just a few…enjoy…

This Matrix is on air, custom kit, TRD supercharged, gold-plated parts, Rywire-equipped, everything…best Matrix ever. And the only modded one in the country that doesn’t have lambo doors and fuckin tribal graphics on it…

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  1. What whats so bad about Tribal Graphics dude? Shits 200 and next.

    Looks proper.

  2. That color is beautiful! I love the shadowing the lights give off on the body lines, this is definitely the nicest Matrix I have ever seen!

  3. Beautiful shots to showcase a beautiful build.

  4. that root beerish color stands out great in these shots…really nice!

  5. Good work Joey, this car looked awesome in person as well. The color of the car goes well with a “night shoot.”

  6. Thanks for the great pics…they look amazing!

  7. holy crap linda.. this car still and will always blow my mind! congratz! 😀

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